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11 Tips to Help Organize Closet Storage More Neatly

How to organize closet storage more neatly?

Here are some tips from a Closet storage wholesale manufacturer.

Several tips for a Closet storage

Do not put sundries on the bedside table except for the necessary lamps, and store the scattered items in the drawer.
The pillows and quilts on the bed should be placed in order, and there should be no other supplies.
The carpet is kept neat and clean, no messy items are placed, and the ground can be walked smoothly.
After the curtains are opened, they are drawn to both sides of the window and tied with straps, so that the sunlight can fully shine into the room.
The air in the wardrobe is fresh, and there is no moldy smell and moisture.
Open the wardrobe. Commonly used clothes are classified by length and color, out-of-season clothes are stored, and the overall arrangement is orderly.

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The mysterious finishing method to  make the Closet storage tidier

Tidying up the wardrobe starts with throwing away the useless clothes
How to deal with old clothes: donate to sisters, second-hand market, waste utilization. How to confirm whether your clothes are tasteless clothes in the Closet storage? Check if the symbols meet the following criteria: clothes that have not been worn once in the current season, the body has changed, the color or style is not suitable for the current age, there is damage or stains, and there are no fashionable styles in recent years.



Arranging method of tall lockers:

The top of the Closet storage is a place that is difficult to access. You can place out-of-season quilts and storage boxes. Used things and old things that are not commonly used. You can’t put heavy things in the tall lockers. The middle is the golden area with the easiest access. It can store daily things. The bottom is more convenient than the top. You can put clothes, irons, vacuum cleaners, children’s toys, and some For frequently used things, you can use hangers, special cabinets, drawers, cabinets, etc. to separate them.


Make full use of the space in the depth of the wardrobe:

If the depth of the wardrobe is sufficient, you can choose a storage basket with a depth similar to that of the cabinet.
Tips: How to get more storage space – Avoid choosing Closet storage baskets with inconsistent upper and lower widths or round storage baskets. The natural rattan material is breathable, but it is easy to scratch clothes. Plastic baskets with handles are relatively inexpensive and easy to clean. If you can use them on the lower level, you can choose a style with pulleys. Make full use of the gap between the wall and the wardrobe, which can be used as a drying rod, and the clothes worn outside can be hung. Change the seasons of clothes by replacing the boxes with pulleys. If the cabinets are deep, you can choose storage boxes with pulleys to classify the clothes of each season.

Tips: Adjust the height of the hanging rods to avoid the friction of clothes. Many families have built-in closets, and the closets need to be designed by themselves. This general depth is ideal. Two rows of horizontal rods can be installed to increase the number of hangings. The height of the crossbar is staggered, which can avoid the friction of clothes.

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Use the wardrobe door for storage:

If the wardrobe door is not a push-pull type, hooks can be installed on the inside of the door to hang various small items. If you want to be tidier, you can install a hardwire mesh, Use S-shaped hooks to hang belts, scarves, and ties. If the cabinet door is narrow, a towel rack can be installed.
Tips: Use barbed wire skillfully – hang barbed wire on the inside of the door, behind the door, or on the side of the cabinet, you can hang baskets and hooks.

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Storage of commonly used small appliances:

Commonly used small appliances such as irons, vacuum cleaners, etc. can be put into an opaque lidded box with pulleys and placed at the bottom of the wardrobe.
Magical use of iron baskets – replacing storage boxes or storage boxes with iron baskets, and using rails to fix the baskets will be much more convenient. The thickness of the basket is small. In a grid of the same size, 3 to 4 baskets can be installed at the height of a storage box to store shirts and T-shirts.

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Use hooks to change the crowded state:

Prepare some longer S-shaped hooks, and add a shorter piece of clothing between the two coats to avoid crowding on the shoulders.

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Neatly arrange ties and scarves:

Use retractable hangers, install them on the side of the wardrobe, and use trousers to hang scarves to avoid wrinkles.
The belt can be hung with a small S hook to hang the head, and the tie can also be hung on the telescopic frame with a special hook. If the depth of the wardrobe is not enough, you can use a drawer-type compartment storage box to store silk scarves and ties, arrange them into the same size and put them in according to the color, and coil up the belt.

Increase the storage capacity of trousers:

You can choose a long hanger to increase the storage capacity of trousers. Hang a coat hanger that is the same length as the wardrobe depth along with the depth, and then hang multiple coat hangers below to hang your pants.
What should I do if the clothes keep running out when the door is closed? Use small nails on the sides of the closet to gather clothes so they don’t get caught when the door is closed.


Storage of hats:

If there is enough space, you can hang an iron chain connected in series on the wall, and use S-shaped hooks to hang the hat on the chain; put them on the bottom, and then stack them on top of each other.


 Ingenious DIY storage of small accessories:

Display method: find a large sponge, like in a ring box; put a layer of cloth on the outside of softer foam plastic, and insert the earrings for Closet storage.
Tips: The purpose of the straw – use scissors to cut the straw and adjust the length, but the chain into the straw, and then expose the decorative part, you can easily solve the problem of entanglement.

For more closet storage tips, click here to know.

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