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14 Wholesale Kitchen Storage Solutions That Will Surprise You

The storage area of the kitchen is mainly divided into wall cabinets, countertops, and floor cabinets. Learn to assort wholesale kitchen storage according to different areas, so that we can do more with less when cooking.

1.Wholesale Kitchen Storage Solutions of Wall Cabinets

Wholesale Kitchen Storage Solutions

The hanging cabinet is high, which is not convenient when picking up and placing items. Therefore, it is suitable for storing items which is “light” + “easy to handle” + “safe” .

Taking an ordinary 700mm high hanging cabinet as an example, its interior is generally divided into upper and lower layers.


Upper layers of wall cabinet

The height of the upper layer is about 1.9m-2.25m, which is high. The average adult female (1.6m) needs to tiptoe or reach out to touch the shelf in the middle of the hanging cabinet.


Therefore, the upper layer of the wall cabinet is suitable for placing “light” items, such as grains, snacks, dry goods, tea and other items that are used less frequently.


It should be noted that since grains, snacks, dry goods, tea and other items are too fragmented, if they are placed randomly, it will be difficult to access the items deep in the wall cabinet. At this time, it is necessary to use a wholesale kitchen storage tool that can “turn the parts into whole”.


01.Use a storage box with a handle

Using a transparent storage box with a front handle, transparent and visible, sealed and moisture-proof, and can also store broken items. In this way, you only need to touch the external handle when picking and placing, you can take down the whole box of items, and you no longer have to rummage through the box every time you look for something.


02.Use hanging shelves or telescopic poles

In the extra height space inside the cabinet, use storage utensils such as suspended shelves and telescopic poles. It can not only separate the fragmented space, make the best use of the space, but also store the miscellaneous kitchen items.


 Lower layers of wall cabinet 

The height of the lower layer of the hanging cabinet is generally about 1.55m-1.9m, which is the height that ordinary adults can touch, so it can put “heavy” items, such as wine, cups, etc.


2.Wholesale Kitchen Storage Solutions of Countertops


As the central area of the kitchen, the countertop’s primary function is to cut vegetables and prepare meals, so there should be enough space.


Condiments, kitchen utensils, pot lids, knives, cutting boards and other items should be stored on the wall, and the wall space should be used as much as possible to keep the console clean.


01. Use crossbar + S hook

The combination of crossbar + S hook can store all items on the wall. The countertop becomes tidy in an instant, so it is more efficient when cooking.

02. Use wall storage components

Hang knives, cutting boards, and seasonings on the wall to free up countertop space.

03. Using Wall Mounted Pot Lid Holder

Wall-mounted pot lid holder + drip tray, the pot lid can be stored properly every time you don’t know where to put it.

04. Use Seasoning Hanging Shelves

Used in conjunction with the label, it is clear and easy to use.

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05. Use hanging shelves

If you use a shelf in your home, you can also install a suspended shelf under the shelf to put some fruits and vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated, or kitchen utensils are also excellent, which greatly frees up the space in the refrigerator.

06. Telescopic rod

Install a telescopic rod in the sink area in front of the window, which can store all kinds of washed pots and utensils, and hang some dishwashing rags, so that it can be ventilated and dry, and it is not easy to breed bacteria.

07. Use a sink drain rack

In addition to the telescopic poles described above, sink drain racks can also be used. The upright design provides more storage space and frees up a lot of space for cabinets.

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3.Wholesale Kitchen Storage Solutions of floor cabinet


The floor cabinet is more convenient to take and place, and is suitable for storing “heavy” + “commonly used” items, such as rice, flour, oil, spare seasonings, pots and pans and other items.


01. Use dividers for storage

Use dividers to separate different dishes to help keep them organized so you don’t have to dig through half a day to find something. And seeing how the tableware is neatly arranged will make you feel better.

02. Use long storage drawers

If your cabinet is not a drawer design, you can use this storage drawer, you can find the items you want as soon as you open it, which is convenient and fast; at the same time, it also plays the role of separating the space, making the storage space more regular and fully use.

03. Using the Sink Shelf

The space under the sink is often irregular due to the presence of sewer pipes, water purifiers, garbage disposals and other items under the sink.

The Sink Shelf is great for organizing the area under the sink. It can flexibly pass through the pipeline and make full use of every inch of space.

04. Use hanging shelves

The upper position inside the cabinet is often a relatively tasteless space and is not fully utilized. The use of hanging racks can make use of the useless space in the cabinet. Can store some spare chopsticks, spoons and other odds and ends.

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