1688 Agent

Gain a competitive advantage and buy bulk from China with your best agent!

Advantages Of 1688 Agent

Abundant Products From Factory Directly

Covered 16 major industries such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing and accessories, household goods, small commodities, etc. meet all your needs

Convenient Purchasing & Importing

You just send the links or pictures of the products u need , and we’ll do the rest.

Security Guaranteed

Relying on China's largest procurement website to provide a safe procurement experience.

Research, compare and then choose the best deal

Shop around and find the product with the best price and quality through comparison.

Check the threshold and rules for wholesales of the seller

If the quantity you order does not meet the minimum requirement of the seller, Dowell will judge your order to be invalid and you will need to place a new order.

Choose sellers granted with “TrustPass”

“TrustPass” sellers are more reliable in terms of quality and return/exchange service. Please consult Dowell if you can not tell whether a seller has “TrustPass”.

Final arrangements matter

Remember to settle the rules of return and exchange with your seller and clarify things like under what circumstances you can return or exchange the products.

How to Buy from 1688 Safely

You should know how to buy from 1688 safely

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Dowell 1688 Agent Process

Send Inquiry To Us

Provide product links or suppliers/order quantity/custom request you need to us.

Confirm And Signed
Back The PI

We will make proforma invoice include all order details. You need signed back by mail.

Arrange Payment
Of Deposit

We are regular doing 30% deposit and 70% balance payment by TT. Based on our cooperation, we also can do other payment way. If you have any specially request, feel free to contact us.

Keep In Touch

We will purchase/inspect the goods after received the payment, follow up the order and let you know the progress. E—mail/ Whatsapp / Skype / Wechat / Facebook / Linkedin available.

Pay The Balance And Wait
For Delivery

Please pay the balance payment after received our inspection report, and we will ship the goods in shortest time by suitable means of transportation and let you know.

Please Feedback After Receiving The Goods

We hope that all goods will arrive in perfect condition. If you find any problem with the goods, please contact us in time and we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Dowell - 1688 Agent

Purchase Products For You

Send links or pictures of products u need and we’ll do the rest .In the end you just have to pay and wait for the delivery.

Supplier And Quality Check

We check supplier qualification before order confirmed. After received the goods , QC team check the quality of the product by open the box.

Design Pictures Or Custom Package

Professional design team can shoot and design logo/pictures for free. We also provide sticker labels/make cards/custom cartons for you.

Global Transport Of Goods

Dowell have own freight forwarder, provide global LCL/Container shipping/customs clearance /goods export & import services.

FAQ is the largest B2B e-commerce platform in China, where there are the largest number of online suppliers and factories in China. You can find the original factories of products and get better prices and abundant products here. But unlike, factories on don’t usually communicate in English, and most factories don’t have the ability to export goods. UNION SOURCE can bridge the gap between you and your suppliers and solve these problems on your behalf.

1. Rich experience
We start business on commodity purchasing and exporting since 1997, in which we are specialized. So trust our experience!

2. Complete Team
DOWELL have agent business team, procurement team, design team, QC team, freight team, after-sales team, can meet your needs in every process of order.

3. Detailed information
As an agent between customers and suppliers, we will provide full information, including product size, packaging, specifications, prices, clear service charges, delivery time, supplier reports and
other information, so that customers have a comprehensive understanding of order.

Of course! In the past 20+ years, we have cooperated with more than ten thousands of factories and suppliers, so we have a huge supplier resources. Our branch in Yiwu is close to Yiwu International Trade Market , and we can also select suppliers for you in the Chinese market via video.

Looking for finding a reliable 1688 agent?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products.

Minimum Order Amount: $1000

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