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4 Things You Should to Know About China Home Storage Manufacturer

Today, China home storage manufacturer is still popular in the world. Many still regard China as the world’s factory because of its impressive manufacturing capabilities and growing network of suppliers, component manufacturers, distributors, government agencies, skilled labor, and more.

Although labor wages in China have doubled over the past decade, China home storage manufacturers remain attractive to buyers from around the world because China home storage manufacturers tend to outperform other countries in terms of efficiency, speed, and quality In addition, China also has very favorable policies for China home storage manufacturer production and export trade.

For these and many other reasons, having your products made in China with a China home storage manufacturer is a good option. However, outsourcing your entire manufacturing process to another country can be overwhelming without the right expertise. This basic guide is a great starting point for manufacturing in this vast Asian country:

Learn About Middlemen–China Home Storage Manufacturer

When manufacturing overseas, a third party is often required because the factory may lack in-house systems and professionals to negotiate with foreign customers. You may need to deal with middlemen, namely trading companies, purchasing agents, and wholesalers.

Working with a trading company may increase your production costs, however, it can allow for smaller order quantities and offer a wider product assortment than you may not be able to buy directly, and can support your complex design requirements to help you get to the product you are looking for.

The purchasing agent contacts the manufacturer on behalf of the customer to help them find the product they need; the agent then receives a commission from the overall sale. Some buyers prefer to work with sourcing agents because they can help them find manufacturers who offer tailor-made, personalized products.

Wholesalers buy products in bulk and add their profit to the cost. Next, they sell these products to businesses, usually wholesalers based in the United States, which help reduce lead times and shipping costs.

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Effective, low-cost communication

After identifying some factories you might want to work with, you’ll face another hurdle – communication.

Although language and time barriers are difficult to overcome, successfully navigating them is the key to success.

Chinese manufacturers have increased the use of English-speaking sales representatives to communicate with customers.

One of the reasons is to communicate as much as possible in writing. Although many sales reps have a good command of spoken English, their written English is often better. This also serves as “evidence” of what was said or agreed to, in case there is a misunderstanding later.

Use simple, short sentences and don’t use difficult words and technical terms, as many delegates can’t handle complex sentences with just some translation software.

The more you work with factories, the more you want to increase your connections. It’s not enough to know a sales rep. If they leave the company or get sick, you may not be able to get in touch with the manufacturer again. A general rule of thumb is to have at least three contacts before doing business with a factory.

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 Shorten the lead time and cost

Factory members are unhappy when businesses are not specific about product expectations and details. These scenarios will cause them to simply guess, which will almost always lead to mistakes, setbacks, and increased lead times of weeks.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to provide a complete and detailed description. Follow up at any time and pay attention to whether the manufacturer has correctly understood what you mean. Many important details need to be repeatedly confirmed.

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Negotiation of payment method is important

Many manufacturers require a deposit or advance payment, and they require customers to pay by wire transfer. This is a lower cost but riskier option. Those opting for this payment method should double-check the factory’s bank account details, preferably through two different communication channels. This is why it is important to have multiple contacts at the factory.

Many factories require direct wire transfers, but this is a risky option.

Other companies may choose Paypal. In this case, most manufacturers will ask you to also pay their Paypal transaction fee, which is about 3%. Depending on the size of your order, your transaction fees with Paypal can be very high. However, Paypal’s buyer protection reduces risk.

Armed with all these basics, you have the information you need to start manufacturing in China.

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