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Essential 4 Tips to Find Home Decor Factory in China

If you have a small company and are looking for a reliable home decor factory to produce your products, then China is your best choice. China is a popular manufacturing center. Due to its low labor force, many companies and enterprises rely on Chinese suppliers to produce their products. If this is your first manufacturing product in China, then it will naturally be confused about which suppliers to choose.

Become a smart investigator when finding Home Decor Factory

When it comes to any supplier, you cannot rely on everything that pops up on the Internet. Many suppliers may update misleading information that may cause scams and fraud. You can search for suppliers on a reliable procurement platform, such as Alibaba, global resources and suppliers made in China.

You can type your requirements and choose from the supplier list according to your preference. Some platforms also have green ticking for verified suppliers, making it easier to verify their credentials and connect with them. There is a list of blacklist companies such as Alibaba and other websites. You can use it as a reference to verify the real company from a fake company.

It is always best to visit China and participate in trade exhibitions and exhibitions. This allows you to talk to the supplier in person and ask about your production capacity, materials and use of technology.

Another method of searching and procurement is through the existence of social media. Websites such as LinkedIn and Alibaba have forums and blogs to help you review the suppliers. You can even check the comments provided by existing enterprises and make the right decision.

Your work will not end with a supplier. You need to verify their credentials thoroughly. Some of the inspections you need to do are:

Check the company’s registration through local government agencies

Requires a copy of its authorization certificate

Supplier’s financial statement request

You can even ask their customers for reference

Now, you have verified the supplier and can be purchased directly from them or any B2B platform. If you want to save time and money, you can choose to buy directly from the purchasing company.

If you want to buy a small amount, you can view the trading company. These companies will purchase materials from the manufacturer and sell them to you. The only disadvantage is that you may eventually pay more than the supplier because they will also include its profit margin.

When working with suppliers, it is best to ask for product samples. Maintain transparency in your requirements, such as materials, size, size and packaging quality. Made in a small part of the supplier. Ask them to share samples.

Check the sample, you will be able to judge the supplier’s ability. If the product needs to be changed, you can modify and change it after discussing it with the supplier.

Make sure you have all the terms and conditions listed in the contract. It is necessary to mention detailed information such as the completion of the project, the distribution of the raw materials, the role and responsibility, and the detailed information of the label and the packaging of the packaging. Let local lawyers review the contract to avoid any surprise at the last moment.

If you are not sure to find a reliable supplier for your business, you can consider Chinese procurement services at any time and hire local procurement agents or companies to complete this work. The procurement agent acts as a mediation person between you and the suppliers. They will find a list of suppliers that are suitable for you through their networks, on behalf of you, and ask the supplier.

Many Chinese suppliers’ English may not be fluent and will not cooperate with you. The procurement agent will be fluent and can effectively convey your requirements to these suppliers.

On the other hand, the procurement company also has the same functions as the procurement agent. The only difference is that they will have different teams, which will study all aspects, such as transportation, inventory, quality inspection, etc.

Whether you are hiring procurement agents or companies, you need to understand the services they provide. Reliable agents or companies will:

 Choose a home decor factory

Procurement agents ensure that you get the right supplier. They will compile the list and share it with you. They will also be able to withdraw details such as verification licenses, financial statements and other certificates

 Negotiation costs and orders

Professional procurement companies or agents will become a master’s degree in negotiations. They have an in-depth understanding of the market and will know whether the supplier is charging higher fees and reasonable euro demand for its services.

Quality inspection

Some procurement agents can provide inspection services in China. They can easily visit the factory and check whether the finished products are defective. They will also follow up the production process to ensure that the product is produced within the estimated time range.

 Logistics and transportation

When the product is ready to transport, the procurement agent will ensure that all documents and certificates are in place. They will also check the detailed information and labels of the packaging, and help remove the customs at the delivery.

Now, before determining the procurement agent or company, you need to discuss payment methods with them. The common thing is:

Fixed price

Commission basis

At a fixed price, your procurement agent will charge your fees every day or every hour. They will charge you a one-time fee for their services. Their main work is to find the right supplier according to your requirements. Once you approve the supplier, they will transfer responsibilities to you

On the basis of the committee, your procurement agent will charge you 5 % -10 % of the total order value. The percentage may be different due to the size and nature of the product.

Finding a reliable procurement company is a troublesome process. You need to spend a lot of time and energy researching and investigating agents. The following are some key points that can clarify whether the agent or the company is true:

They will clearly answer all your questions

They will provide a complete report from the supplier selection to logistics management

They will cover the network throughout China

They know the procurement procedures and risks involved

If they see risks, they will make appropriate resolutions

They will have a thorough understanding of the entire procurement process

They will be able to express their suggestions or opinions without hesitation

You may also want to avoid making mistakes when hiring purchasing agents. Some agents or companies may ask for bribes or rebates, which will make your payment beyond your bargain.

Sometimes suppliers may bribe agents to land orders. The agent will accept bribes without any verification and will push the supplier to you. If you find any quality problems, your agent will defend the supplier, so that you will deal with chaos alone.

Secondly, if you are a beginner, it is easy to deceive agents or companies in terms of purchasing costs. Initially, agents will charge low service fees but may include hidden fees and transportation costs. They will guarantee that you have conducted a quality inspection and shared errors, but the result is a product of poor quality.

In the end, it is not the most unimportant to stay away from an agent who is excessively invested. They will agree with all your requirements and boast the suppliers they cooperate with them. The fact is that they will have a limited understanding of the Chinese market and provide you with a list of unprecedented suppliers.

Illustration 3. JPGNOW, you may want to know why you choose a Chinese procurement company when there are other choices. Some non -Chinese procurement agents may provide you with better services. Many of these suppliers are located in their own countries and purchasing countries. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out business with such agents.

The benefits include:

You may not have to deal with language barriers, because many people can fluently in English

The role of the procurement agent is minimized, which saves costs

You can easily find the batch orders of reliable local suppliers

The unfavorable side is:

You may need to pay higher orders

Many of these suppliers have cooperated with large companies, which may not be interested in small and medium-sized industries

Compared with non -Chinese suppliers, Chinese suppliers often take advantage of low service fees and labor costs. Secondly, they cater to all types of businesses and have the correct equipment and knowledge to create your products.

In conclusion

Using the correct strategy can help you find a supplier suitable for your products. Ensure that focusing on quality factors, not the cost of improving business efficiency. Click here to get more useful tips.

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