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5 Advantages to Have a Yiwu Sourcing Agent

A professional Yiwu Sourcing Agent in Yiwu has an extensive network of reliable suppliers, called the supply team. To develop your product, customize the current product with your brand characteristics, purchase standardized items for wholesale, and so on.

Yiwu Sourcing Agent


1  Save time and money

The most valuable commodity in business is time. It always brings value and money to your company. Make the most of it! Yiwu Sourcing Agent usually charge commissions. Admittedly, there is a cost, but the extensive partner network of purchasing agents is likely to avoid costly mistakes. Therefore, if you choose the right purchasing agent in Yiwu, you can also benefit from it.

2 No dirt

Chinese suppliers are generally trustworthy and willing to engage with foreign companies and brands. Of course, in any industry, there are some rotten apples. Therefore, due diligence is very important when dealing with procurement agents in Yiwu, China.


In most cases, you just need to keep in touch with your agent and let your agent bear all the trouble because no matter how complicated the supplier is, your agent should be the only person responsible for you.


That said, if there is any problem with your order, your agent should solve it for you, not need to contact the supplier. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a broker? If there is any problem with your order, your purchasing agent should be the only one to refund or compensate you. Similarly, it will be helpful if you can find a suitable and reliable purchasing agent in Yiwu.

3 Purchasing agent commission

Now let’s talk about the commission. Generally speaking, the commission of the Yiwu purchasing agents ranges from 1% to 5% of the product value. The higher the value of your imports, the less the commission. Is it expensive or cheap? It depends on how you look at it. Of course, each purchasing agent company has its own commission structure. Take us as an example; Our commission structure is:


5%: The product value of each batch of goods is less than 20000 dollars.

4%: Product value ≥ 20000 dollars per batch of goods.

3%: Product value ≥ 50000 dollars per batch of goods.

2%: Product value ≥ 100000 dollars for each batch of goods.

1%: Product value ≥ USD 200000 for each batch of goods.

4 No misunderstanding

Almost all Yiwu Sourcing Agents can use Chinese and English fluently; This is one of the key reasons they become agents. Therefore, purchasing agents can act as intermediaries between foreign buyers and Chinese suppliers to prevent misunderstanding of different languages and cultural levels.


Yiwu Sourcing Agent from China will know how to do business in China and the art of negotiation and will be able to help you obtain the most favorable product prices. How many traps are there? At first, you may not believe it. Similarly, if the purchasing agent is proficient in English, they can provide the tender and product details in the local language.

5 High-quality products and services

The goal of having a Yiwu purchasing agent in the Yiwu market is to receive products according to the quality you expect.


The good service of professional purchasing agents will usually provide you with the products you need to import from the Yiwu market. So how do you protect yourself from this risk and ensure that your business partners are reliable? An experienced and professional broker, this is the answer, clear and straightforward.


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