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5 Brilliant OEM Laundry Organization Ideas to Try in 2022

We believe that, like any household chore, laundry can be made tastier and even more enjoyable in a space that is beautiful, hardworking, and designed for the task. Enter laundry essentials designed to inspire efficiency and organization. With a few key elements – lighting, practical fixtures, and tiered smart storage options – you can create an organized laundry space – dare we say it – inspiring, wherever you are fortunate enough to have a large, dedicated. The space is still just a small closet.

1.OEM Laundry Organization Ideals -Start with overhead lighting

We’re all familiar with dark, dimly lit basement laundry rooms, but now is the time to give your laundry space a new look in an OEM laundry room. Add overhead lighting as a recessed or semi-recessed installation for even, bright lighting throughout the space of the OEM laundry room. This keeps your light source out of the workspace and lets you see what you’re doing when you are in the laundry room.

OEM Laundry Organization

2.OEM Laundry Organization Ideals-Add hooks in your room.

A well-placed hook or hook rack is a simple addition that can make a big difference, keeping surfaces and floors tidy, keeping essentials within easy reach, and adding an element to the display. Use one or a few of a wide range of products to organize brushes, pouches, and other laundry essentials.

OEM Laundry Organization

3.OEM Laundry Organization Ideals-Hide the piles with bins and baskets.

Litter boxes and baskets large and small are an easy way to keep your laundry room looking neat and tidy: piles of laundry, wool dryer balls, and other real-world items that are hard to get into the corral are immediately put away, and easily accessible.

OEM Laundry Organization

4.OEM Laundry Organization Ideals-Install a rod or rail system.

Shelves, rods, and rail systems are space-efficient while keeping oft-reached-for items organized. Select shelves and brackets to match your space and choose from multiple depths, woods, and finish options with optional hooks. Or, select a customizable rod set or rail system like the 36” rail system.

OEM Laundry Organization

5.OEM Laundry Organization IdealsDon’t forget good-looking hardware and fixtures.

Your laundry room is a hardworking space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be design-forward—you’ll spend time here every week after all. Practical plumbing and hardware fixtures are practical, high quality, and stylish. Add a solid brass faucet to elevate the laundry sink, or choose solid brass cabinet hardware with a matching finish.

OEM Laundry Organization

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