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5 Tips from OEM Storage Suppliers to Help You Expand Your Living Space

Generally speaking, it is not easy to find a lot of storage space in an apartment, because the characteristic of apartment buildings is that the floor space is generally small, so it is difficult for the apartment to meet the imagination and requirements of ordinary people for their own storage space at home.

OEM Storage Suppliers say that the biggest challenge in getting organized in an apartment is to maximize storage as much as possible, not only for items such as dishes, clothing, and books that are foreseen to be organized, but also other items such as general These are items that go into the garage or attic, such as holiday decorations, sports equipment, etc.

OEM Storage Suppliers: Choose Furniture with Its Own Storage Space

Furniture with its own storage function is a good storage partner for apartments, creating more usable storage space. The OEM supplier believes that a hidden storage cabinet in the living room can store extra blankets and pillows, a loft bed can hold some sports equipment or holiday decorations, or a bench at the door entrance can be opened to use the storage space inside.Bedside Table OEM

OEM Storage Suppliers: Give Priority to the Reasonable Storage of the Kitchen

How to better plan the storage of small spaces is always a challenge. OEM suppliers say that in the kitchen, storage tools can be added anywhere, including cabinets, all the way to the ceiling. And kitchen cabinets aren’t all inspirations for planning an apartment kitchen. “The main function of the kitchen is to cook delicious food, it is a unique food-making paradise in the home” OEM suppliers believe that all people who love life will find a way to decorate their kitchen.

kitchen countertop rack factory

kitchen countertop rack

OEM Storage Suppliers: Use Open Shelving

Open shelving doubles as storage and wall decoration, it can display your unique home taste while storing. You can either fill your shelves with books or store them in small decorative storage boxes without disrupting your unique home aesthetic.

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OEM Storage Suppliers: Add a Room for a Loft Bed

If you’re trying to find extra storage space, a loft bed might be the solution you’re looking for. By raising the bed onto the platform, you get more storage space. You can choose to provide a full bed for a full loft bed experience, which leaves enough room to walk underneath and also fulfills the vision of a perfect walk-in closet. The OEM supplier believes that “under the loft bed, there is ample storage space for suitcases, shoes, winter clothing and other bulky items.”

loft bed OEM

OEM Storage Suppliers: Additional Storage Tips for OEM Suppliers

Organizing clothes, kitchen supplies, makeup, and other items is an important part of getting the most out of your apartment’s storage space. But how can you maximize storage space? First, make efficient use of vertical space. Shelves can effectively increase storage space and stack as much as possible. Mounting a spirit level to a shelf with tissue inserts will help you see and access things behind the shelf, making them more useful too.

pan lid rack OEM

Use organizer boxes in drawers, which help keep things together on a regular basis, making it easier to find things. Small boxes can also be used as decorative accessories throughout the apartment, creating really useful little storage bags that help free up more space for your larger storage needs.

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When storing out-of-season clothing under the bed or in a cupboard, use a vacuum bag for storage. Not only does this protect them, but it also keeps them as compact as possible, ensuring you can fit more stuff. What are our kitchen storage secrets? Oven pans and trays can be large and difficult to store. If space is tight, keep them in the oven when not in use, and remember to take them out the next time you turn on the stove and start cooking.

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