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6 Best Bulk Bathroom Storage Ideas You Should Know

Have you still worried about the mess of your bathroom?

Bulk Bathroom Storage Ideas will be very useful.

Use windows for storage

1. Directly use the window sill for Bulk Bathroom Storage Ideas

Use the window sill directly for storage, and pay attention to the inward slope of the window sill to avoid the accumulation of water on the window sill. Common shower gels and shampoos can be placed here.

If you want to look neat and tidy, it is recommended to use sub-bottling, but it also needs to be used with refills, otherwise, it will be difficult to insist.

2. Telescopic rod + hook

If the window is relatively large, you can also use a telescopic rod to fix it on the window and make good use of the vertical space of the window, so that you can hang some bath brushes, back towels, towels and other items, which is also a good storage method.

Use the shower as storage

3. Japanese-style shower design for Bulk Bathroom Storage Ideas

The Japanese-style shower design has a special storage tray on which the toiletries we mentioned earlier can be placed, which is also very convenient and does not take up the space of the shower room. Domestic showers also have tray designs, which, likewise, can accommodate commonly used small items. If there is no tray on the showerhead, it doesn’t matter. Qingshan Home Furnishing has a shelf, which is specially designed for the situation without a tray. The installation is very simple, just fix it on the rod, and the storage is easy and labor-saving. There is also a one-side installation, which is specially installed on the faucet, which perfectly solves the pain point of storing small items on the sink countertop. The storage board of the whole bathroom is placed with its own items. You can sit on it to take a bath, and you can also put some toiletries on one side, which is very convenient to take.

Use wall hangings for Bulk Bathroom Storage Ideas

4. Corner rack

The corner of the shower room is a good place for storage. Most people will install a stainless steel tripod to store shampoo, shower gel, etc.
However, the disadvantage of this tripod is that the distance between the two storage racks is relatively fixed and cannot be adjusted. There are also triangular racks that use this kind of uprightness, which is more stable and has more storage capacity. There are also several problems. The bottom layer and the top layer are often wasted, and the middle two are often used. The indomitable triangular shelf is fixed by a stainless steel pipe, which is not very beautiful, and the bottom will form a sanitary dead corner.

It can be adjusted flexibly and beautifully. It is a single-layer metal shelf with a simple design. The back is fixed by 3M glue + strong nail-free adhesive. The height of the floor is up to you. My method is to take out the tallest bath large bottle in my home and determine the floor height according to the largest bottle. In addition to the painted metal, there are also PP tripods, with a large transparent adhesive on the back, which is also very stable.

5. Wall storage

In the shower room, in addition to the use of the corner position, the wall space can also be used, such as fixing iron grids to store commonly used toiletries.

The only downside is that it is not easy to clean. The grid-style is more like a rental house, and more people still choose simple triangular storage.
Wall storage can also be wall-mounted storage baskets, with suction cups and storage baskets with adhesive backing. The suction cup is easier to fall off. It is recommended that you use the adhesive backing, which is more stable and can be used with confidence.

There are also slippers racks on the bathroom wall to store the slippers we use for bathing. Especially in winter, we don’t need to go to the entrance to change shoes, nor do we bring water to the living room, which is simple and convenient.

After taking a bath and putting on cotton mops, hang the sandals and slippers on the slipper rack, which can drain the water faster, which is refreshing and clean than placing them directly on the ground.

Supplement: bathroom wall utilization

The wall of the shower room should be fully utilized. In fact, other walls of the bathroom can also be used. For example, the space behind the bathroom door, which we often neglect, can be hung on the wall to store cleaning tools through mop hooks.

The design of the roller buckle is convenient to hold with one hand, mops and brooms can be stored on the wall at home, and the hanging rods of normal thickness can be used.

The shower position itself can also be used for bulk bathroom storage ideas. As shown in the picture above, the position of the shower is made into a concave design, which visually shows a larger space, and the table below can also be used for storage.

Use floor racks for Bulk Bathroom Storage Ideas

6. Cart rack

If the bathroom is not separated from wet and dry, and the shower, toilet, and even washing are all integrated, you can use the cart rack to store it.

For example, this kind of metal trolley rack is flexible, delicate, and has a large storage capacity. It can be used for bulk bathroom storage ideas in the bathroom, living room, and bedroom, and it can be used for multiple purposes.

7. Corner rack and slot rack

The corner rack, like the wall-mounted tripod mentioned above bulk bathroom storage ideas, uses the triangular space of the bathroom. The corner rack is floor-standing, which can make full use of the idle corner position.

For the space between the washstand and the toilet, or the space between the shower itself, it is more recommended to use this kind of narrow space for bulk bathroom storage ideas.

It can make use of the space of the chicken ribs, store it in multiple layers, and the capacity is absolutely sufficient. Basically, there is no need to install other storage racks in the shower room.

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