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7 Best Bulk Shoe Storage Racks to Keep Room Tidy!

Nowadays, many families are small-sized families, and the shoe storage rack space is always a mess.

If the shoe storage rack is made too large, it will also affect the indoor space, but where should all kinds of shoes be placed? How to store it in a convenient and practical way?

Now, here are the 7 best bulk shoe storage racks and some useful tips.

1. Bulk Porch Shoe Storage Rack

If your home needs to store 10-20+ pairs of shoes, you can choose a traditional porch shoe Storage: the large capacity of 10-20+ pairs of shoes is generally used in the family space with a large population, and the shoe storage with a large storage depth can accommodate more Lots of shoes. A general three-door shoe storage rack can hold at least 18 pairs of shoes in total, and the vertical wall-mounted design saves space.

Shoe storage rack agent

Bulk Porch Shoe Storage

Porch Shoe Storage manufacturer

Bulk Porch Shoe Storage 

You can place the shoes in the direction of the shoes so that you can pull them out when you want to wear them, which is simple and convenient. If there is still space above, and the groove style, you can also put some keys, sunglasses and other items to be taken when going out, so that people can take them easily.


2. Bulk Wall Hanging Shoe Storage Rack

Wall hanging strip/shoe organizer clever use of wall space provides a lot of storage space for shoes and also makes finding shoes fast and accurate. It is not a problem to store more than 20 pairs of shoes properly!

Wall Hanging Shoe Storage supplier

Bulk Wall Hanging Shoe Storage


3. Bulk Revolving Shoe Storage Rack

The revolving shoe Storage rack takes up less space and can be flexibly matched to your storage needs. Stack several Storage on top of each other or lay them apart for easy access to more storage space.

Removable Shoe Storage supplier

Bulk Revolving Shoe Storage


4. Bulk Integrated Shoe Storage Rack

In real life, when we change shoes, Gauguin shoes and leather shoes can be taken off directly, but if the shoes need to tie the shoelaces, or need to untie shoelaces when taking off, it is not so convenient. Then, the integrated shoe Storage rack can help you. You can sit and change your shoes. After changing, you can put them under the stool without bending over.

Integrated Shoe Storage agent

Bulk Integrated Shoe Storage


5. Bulk Shoe Storage Box

You can choose to use a storage box to store the shoes after the season. The shoe box has a buckle for easy opening and closing of the windows. 4 storage boxes can be placed side by side in the 100 cm wide wardrobe frame.


The sizes of the transparent shoe boxes are all the same, and they can be easily listed together, which is visually very simple and comfortable. This thickened plastic version is strong, rigid, transparent, breathable, and easy to access.

Storage Box supplier

Bulk Storage Box

6. Bulk Shoe Storage bag

If you don’t need a storage box and want to save space, just unzip the bottom and fold it up. For the storage of a large number of shoes or related items, you can use a large-capacity storage bag. Its wide and flat volume is suitable for placing in some hidden corners of the house, such as the bottom of the bed or the bottom of the Storage, to make full use of the space.

Storage Bag exporter

Bulk Storage Bag


7. Bulk Vertical Shoe Storage Rack

The vertical shoe rack can be used in two ways. One is for small units without shoe cabinets or rental houses, which can be directly used as shoe racks for storing slippers; the other is for entrances that already have shoe cabinets. Store the slippers that family members have to change every day when they come home (generally not in the shoe cabinet), which can keep the door clean.

Vertical Shoe Storage bulk

Bulk Vertical Shoe Storage

8. Shoe Storage Methods

The purpose of the storage is not to hide the shoes, but to make the use of the shoes more convenient. Every pair of shoes doesn’t want to be forgotten, so you need an effective way to keep them “in the rain”.

Classification agent


8.1 Visualization

Display the shoes as much as possible, and do not pack them in layers in boxes or cartons. On the one hand, the shoes will be squeezed and deformed, and on the other hand, it is inconvenient to access.


8.2 Labeling

If you want to keep your shoes in order, you must label them, and the shoe box has a “head and face”, which is much more worry-free to use. Take photos of each pair of shoes, print them out and stick them on the shoebox, and put them in categories according to season, color, and style. You can even take pictures and paste them with matching clothes, to cure your choice anxiety and never worry about wearing shoes and clothes. Take it.


8.3 Order

The placement of shoes should not be too random and should be classified according to the principles of the use of shoes to make storage more scientific.


The first is to place them according to their functions, and put shoes of the same type and function together. For example, high-heeled shoes that are often worn at work are placed in a row, and running shoes and canvas shoes that are worn when going out for sports are placed in a row.


After reading so many shoe storage rack home accessories, have you found the one that suits you? As long as you match them well, you can always find the one that suits you best.

If you have other shoe storage rack recommendations, please leave a message on our website. Thank you for reading!

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