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7 Custom Home storage Tips to Help You Maintain a Clutter-free Home

The richness of modern material life and the habit of over-consumption make our homes pile up more and more things, and sorting and storage have become very burdensome things. However, I’ve found that the fewer items you have, the more organized and less cluttered your home is. Laundry Basket storage in Bulk will be very useful.

Soon we discovered the 21 benefits of owning less and decided to never go back to the old way of mindless consumption.

In addition to a big clean-up of our lives, we’ve also developed some simple habits that keep our home tidy. These habits are never in the way or bothersome. Quite the contrary, with daily practice, these things can be accomplished in just a few minutes, but they can keep our home in a clutter-free state (or at least close to it) all the time.

Here are my top recommendations: 7 daily habits to keep your home clutter-free.


Custom Home Storage Tips 1: Process paper documents immediately.


Usually, the various paper documents (notices, leaflets, letters, etc.) we receive are just casually placed on the table. But as long as we get into the habit, most of the files can be processed in very little time. Throw away junk files quickly and deal with the rest. Those that can’t be dealt with right away, put them on the to-do list right away, reminding yourself to deal with them later.

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Custom Home Storage Tips 2:Wash the dishes immediately after meals.

I used to hate doing the dishes – especially after a hard day’s work. But after reading this little article, I changed my mind: wash your bowl. Now, I think of doing the dishes as the last step in a family dinner, and it actually takes less time to do the dishes right after the meal (it’s easier to wash the dishes before they’re dry). And the kitchen can also be kept clean all night.

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Custom Home Storage Tips 3:Make your bed every morning.

Clutter attracts clutter. This is most likely to happen in the bedroom. Your bed is the center of the entire bedroom, and when made, it changes the environment and ambiance of the entire room. But if the bed is messy, clutter will accumulate in other parts of the bedroom. The first step in organizing a bedroom is to make the bed. Likewise, to have a clutter-free life, make your bed first thing in the morning (or find a significant other who makes your bed for you.)

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Custom Home Storage Tips 4: Don’t stack things on the kitchen cabinets.

Chaos attracts chaos, and clutter attracts clutter. The better we store clutter, the less likely it will accumulate, and the kitchen is a great example. When we think of the countertop of the cabinet as a place to store things (all kinds of kitchen appliances, bought vegetables, etc.), there will be more and more things piled up on it. While a clean countertop can convey a sense of peace and order and can be used better, keeping the countertop clean is easier than you might think.

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Custom Home Storage Tips 5: Put things in their place every night.

We find it easier to clean up when we minimize our belongings. Every item in your home is useful, and every item has a fixed place. And at the end of the day, we put things back where they belong. It’s a daily habit that I try to incorporate into my own and my children’s lives. One reason is that it gives each morning a fresh, clutter-free start.

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Custom Home Storage Tips 6:Immediately complete chores that only take 1-2 minutes.

Clutter is often the result of procrastination—postponing decisions or not completing small chores that end up in big clutter. Procrastination at home can be changed with one simple rule: If something only takes 1-2 minutes to complete, do it now. Throw out the trash, scrub the pot, return the remote, or throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Every time you see a chore done, there is one less source of clutter.

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Custom Home Storage Tips 7:Immediately simplifies the space for the accumulation of items.

Clutter is often the result of too much stuff in too little space: a drawer full of clothes, a wardrobe full of bedding, a bathroom cabinet full of makeup, a shelf full of stuff. When this happens, as usual, remove the items that are no longer needed to simplify the space for these items to pile up. Don’t delay, this may take longer than 2 minutes, but generally, it won’t take more than 15 minutes. Getting rid of clutter before they appear is the best way to go.

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These are daily habits in our house to keep the house tidy throughout the week. Of course, the premise is that we already own fewer items in order to maintain these habits.

Want a cleaner home? It’s most efficient to have fewer items then. Click here to get more storage tips!

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