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7 Steps to Customized Wholesale Food Containers

The Steps To Customized Wholesale Food Containers

1. The idea  

First of all, we need an idea customized wholesale food containers. We can figure out what the structure is, what the function is, what the difference is, or what the extra function is?  For example, the timing function, ordinary PP crisper into other materials crisper.  Or make a difference in appearance, add other colors or patterns of customized wholesale food containers.

2. Design

We will according to the requirements of the guest’s design figure, in the process, of course, we will keep in touch with the guest in time, ensure that the product is designed according to the customer’s idea, will add the guest’s LOGO and all kinds of corresponding requirements, of course, we in the process of customizing wholesale containers design will give me the corresponding Suggestions for food preservation box.  

Wholesale Food Containers Design

3. Discuss  

As for the finished product of a food crisper, it is necessary to have a discussion. We need to discuss that the designed structure is only suitable for imagination. When the finished product comes out, some parts may not meet the function of the product.  Calculate the cost, whether such a design comes out of the cost in a reasonable range, how many grams of heavy material can both in a reasonable price range and also to ensure the quality of the product.  After the discussion, if necessary, we will revise and redesign according to the suggestions ODM Wholesale Food Containers

4. Proofing  

After the redesign, we will start to arrange the proofing of the crisper, and the samples of the crisper will come out as soon as possible. During this period, we will communicate with each other about how to produce and how to adjust some unreasonable places  

5. Test  

After the proofing, we will test the crisper to ensure that our products can pass all kinds of tests and there are no other problems with our crisper. We will send out our samples. Of course, if you need to design your own packaging, we can also design and produce according to your requirements.  

6. Sample confirmation  

We will send samples to your company for your inspection and confirmation to ensure that the product is designed according to your idea  

OEM Wholesale Food Containers

7. Mass production  

After the sample is confirmed, we can arrange mass production, and we will complete the goods according to the fastest delivery date.  Timely shipment 

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