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The 9 Best Places to Sell Wholesale Storage Boxes

Why there are many places selling wholesale storage boxes? You can have the most beautiful home on the block, but if it’s cluttered, it may be more of an eyesore than a treasure. Enter the storage compartment, which allows you to organize household items in seconds and also serves as an attractive decoration.

Storage containers and organizers come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. For shoppers on a budget, we’ve scoured the internet for the best places to buy cheap storage boxes. Whether you’re looking for lid storage, plastic storage, or collapsible storage, you’ll find them at popular retailers like Target, Walmart, and The Home Depot.

As a buyer, you may need to know the best places to sell your wholesale storage boxes. And the current selling items will also help you to understand what is the latest trend in the market. Let’s see where to sell the wholesale storage boxes the best.

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1. Amazon

If Amazon is your go-to for delivering household essentials to your door in a few days or less (or even the same day), be sure to peruse their extensive selection of storage bins. The ubiquitous marketplace allows you to shop by sector, from covered storage bins to shelf baskets; brands such as Amazon Basics, Sterilite, and Rubbermaid; prices; colors; and more. Best of all, Amazon is bold enough to show which storage bins are the best sellers, so you don’t have to dig as much for the best options. Now we support the best MOQ for all kinds of wholesale storage boxes if you’re planning to sell on Amazon.

2. Target

Target is almost a storage box lover’s paradise. The major retailer makes it easy to shop for wholesale storage boxes at low prices by presenting six basic categories: Decor, Cubicles & Cubes, Tubs & Totes, Shelving Units, Cases & Boxes, and Deals.

For those looking to shop by room, just scroll down halfway through the site to find entry room storage, laundry room storage, kitchen storage, and more. Functionality and style in every piece, shoppers will find this Bella 40-quart storage box with delicate pink polka dots and this versatile Bright room Bath Basket Crate for bathroom essentials.
We do believe Target has both classic types as well as fashion styles. If you’re looking forward to some new ideas, Target will be a very good place to visit.

3. Walmart

The more you buy, the more mess you get. Thankfully, Walmart (in the best way possible) is littering with thousands of cheap storage bins to help you keep everything in place. You can search the site by suggested popular terms such as plastic crates, Sterilite, or heavy-duty storage containers, or choose from customer favorites such as this set of two Sterilite 3-drawer carts or a four-pack of Mainstays 28-quart under-bed storage box.

As the biggest retail chain store in the US market, we are selling our wholesale storage boxes to Walmart through many different importers and distributors. Please contact us to cooperate if you also know their buyers so we may have more opportunities together.

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4. Home Depot

Home Depot is a goldmine of cheap storage bins, especially those suitable for storing tools and other heavy items. The landing page offers a selection of over 800 storage bins to buy from trusted brands like Husky and HDX, filtered by size, color, shape, and more. With over 21,000 reviews, this HDX 27-gallon Tough Storage Tote features a secure snap-on lid that’s perfect for organizing a messy garage, while Husky stackable storage bins will help you make the most of tight spaces.


Those who have long avoided IKEA because of its build-it-yourself furniture policy will surely realize that most storage bins are intact, versatile, and most importantly, not as expensive as other retailers.

Inspired by its signature Scandinavian aesthetic, IKEA’s budget storage bins create a minimalist element in a cluttered home. You can choose from all types of wholesale storage boxes and baskets, many of which come in a variety of colors. With the new hand-woven Krallig baskets, you can fold the handles to hide your belongings. The Drona Box, on the other hand, is available in six universal colors and serves as a catch-all for items such as office supplies, clothing, and food.

6. Lowe’s

Lowe’s comprehensive selection of home improvement products extends into the home organization category—that is, inexpensive wholesale storage boxes with everything from built-in organizers to secure plastic lids.

You can use search terms like “rolling storage containers” to find popular products to find seasonal items like Santa’s Bags Rolling Collapsible Christmas Tree Storage, or under-bed storage solutions like the Hefty Clear Tote with Locking Lid. With so many filters to sift through, such as brand, type, color, finish and price, you’re sure to find the perfect affordable storage bin for every room in your home at Lowe’s.

7. Overstock

Overstock has it in stock for all your storage box needs. Shop by room (like bathroom and garage) or by category (like outdoor and decor). These options are visually appealing, and most storage boxes from other categories can easily dress up any space. This set of six multi-colored collapsible fabric storage cubes creates a cohesive look between every room in your home, while the Keter Deck Storage Containers will help ensure outdoor spaces look clutter-free during the summer entertaining season. Waiting for something you love to fall into your budget? Click “Get Notifications” on each product page to get alerts on price drops and new reviews.

8. Wayfair

From bins and boxes to tubs and totes, if you can think of organizational needs, Wayfair has you covered. Narrow your search further to view featured collections organized by materials such as wicker, fabric and plastic, and use the left to browse aesthetics, features and sizes. This set of three stackable Rebrilliant plastic storage totes is transparent so you can quickly identify your belongings, and this Kelly Clarkson Home Rattan Basket provides a tropical villa vibe to any room in your home.

9. Container Store

As the name suggests, the Container Store is where everything is organized, with thousands of affordable options. The storage box landing page is filled with bright and beautiful thumbnails of categories such as toy storage boxes, pet storage boxes, decorative boxes, cubes, and bears.

Most notably the ability to search through 20 materials such as steel, water hyacinth, cardboard and canvas, giving you smart storage bin options such as the SmartStore Charcoal Nordic Storage Basket with Handle and Sustainable Bamboo Lid and White Montauk Woven Storage Box adds Hamptons chic to bedrooms, living rooms and more while keeping clutter-free. Now it’s good to sell wholesale storage boxes online as well as in the stores.

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