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Why Dowell is a Trusted Chinese Wholesale Food Containers Manufacturer?

It has been a very hot selling season for wholesale food containers in 2022. As we all know, the global economy is very bad this year. Affected by great events such as the Covid-19 epidemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, consumers’ purchasing power is not as good as before which makes many businesses very hard to do.

Why Are Wholesale Food Containers So Popular?

Inflation has occurred in many markets around the world. This means that most people have to spend their money on the necessities of life. But at this time, the business of wholesale food containers is easy to do. Food is the most important thing to all people, Food containers are used to store food and prolong its preservation time. Using food containers will not cause a lot of wasted food, which can help people save on daily expenses.

Compared to 2021, the price of ocean freight containers has fallen a lot. Taking the Los Angeles port on the west coast of the United States as an example, the price of a 40HQ container has dropped from the peak of 23,000 USD to about 7,000 USD. This is another good news for wholesale food containers, as most food containers require a relatively large shipping volume.

The sea freight rates of major European ports and other routes have also dropped significantly. Therefore, the transportation cost of importing food containers from China is only 1/4 of last year’s. At this time, the cost of wholesale food containers has also dropped, and sales will naturally increase.

wholesale food cotaniners manufacturer

Why Dowell is a Trusted Chinese Wholesale Food Containers Manufacturer?

Dowell is a Chinese exporter specializing in home storage products. Our wholesale food containers factory is located in Zhejiang Province, which is very close to Shanghai. Because of the convenient location, our food containers can be shipped from Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port. Before shipment, it is very convenient to arrange for your designated third-party agency to inspect the bulk of wholesale food containers. This way you can rest assured of the quality of our products.


Dowell’s wholesale food containers are exported to different countries and regions around the world such as the US, UK, and France. Our products are also available in some supermarket chains. This also verifies from one side that our products have very good prices. All exported wholesale food containers meet the food contact testing requirements of each importing country.


Different from the conventional wholesale food containers on the market, Dowell has many products with their own designs. For example, we can help our customers print their logos on the outside of food containers. In packaging, we try our best to use nested packages to help customers design and save costs. In addition, our design team can also assist in drawing to help our customers with new product development. With more than 20 years of experience in the production of wholesale food containers, we are confidient in this category.


To be a trusted supplier, the most important thing is that our customers can always know the status of your goods. Dowell has a very professional sales and customer service team. Before placing an order for your product, we will arrange a series of work such as quotation, proofing, and so on. All orders will have samples confirmed before mass production so that we will also have a reference when the order is produced.


During the order production process, our sales will inform you of the production details. For example, whether the material is ready, the position of the logo or some labels, the progress of some packaging methods, etc. Even if you do not find a third-party inspection agency, we will inspect the product according to the AQL inspection standard, and take photos and video records during the process. We will arrange shipment only after you have approved the shipment.


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