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5 Things Nobody Tells You Must Know About OEM Bathroom Storage

Near the kitchen, the bathroom is perhaps the most hardworking room in everyone’s home. Given the versatility of bathrooms, it is important whether the room has proper storage space.

But proper OEM bathroom storage doesn’t mean having enough shelves.There are issues unique to the three bathrooms to consider when planning the storage space for this space.

Heat and humidity: Especially in bathrooms without proper ventilation (windows, fans), hot showers and bathtubs can cause mold and mildew.

Lots of little things: Toiletries and makeup can make it difficult to organize.

Electric bathroom tools: Electric toothbrushes, shavers, and hair dryers can be difficult to store and/or charge.

Here, are 5 things nobody tells you about OEM bathroom storage.

1. OEM Bathroom Storage Works Best in a Small Bath.

We love open shelving in the kitchen, but what about in the bathroom? not that much. That’s not to say it’s impossible to create an organized bathroom with open shelving, but having doors and drawers to hide odds and ends and unattractive necessities from your daily prep can be a godsend.

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2. Concealed Isn’t the Same As Organized in OEM Bathroom Storage.

Closed storage is great – as long as you don’t mess with it as a license. Take the time to create another layer of the organization through baskets, bins, buckets, and bags. More Ideas on How to Control Mess in Cabinets Under the Sink。

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3. Towel Warmers Are Actually Not Meant for Warming Towels in OEM Bathroom Storage.

Here’s a tip: Towel warmers are also known as heated towel rails, heated towel bars, and drying racks. Yes, they heat the towel so you can enjoy the warm feeling after the shower, but the real purpose of these products in OEM bathroom storage is to dry your towel. So, while a warm towel rail may seem like an unnecessary luxury, it actually serves a very practical purpose in OEM bathroom storage.

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4. Rods Dry Towels Better Than Hooks in OEM Bathroom Storage.

I would always advocate using hooks in a kid’s bathroom; little ones prefer to hang towels on hooks rather than neatly on towel rails. That said, if your bathroom has no windows, go for the towels. They dry your towel faster than hooks.

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5. An Electrical Outlet Inside a Built-in Cabinet is a Necessary Luxury in OEM Bathroom Storage.

Having an outlet in the medicine cabinet is useful if you use power tools that need to be charged. That way, you can keep all these items and their unsightly cords out of the way and behind the door.



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