China Sourcing

If You Have Any Questions After Receiving The Goods, We Will Provide You With Efficient Solutions.

1. We have a One-to-one after-sales service. The dedicated staff is responsible for your after-sales issues.

2. We have strict quality control. If the product has quality problems within the time specified in the contract, we are willing to provide a return, replenishment, and refund service.

3. We provide quality assurance services for special products such as electronic products.

4. We have multi-channel customer service, which provides service management through various customer contact channels, such as telephone, email, webpage, fax, social media, etc.

5. We value customer feedback. Based on customer feedback, we are always committed to becoming an organization that improves the quality of services and products.

Returns and Exchanges

If something in your order doesn’t work out, we’d like to make it right. You can contact us and return it for an exchange or refund.

Product Recall Support

To keep our customers safe and to prevent injuries, if the products you purchased do have safety problems. If you want all products to be recalled,you can contact us. We will help you to solve this problem.

Product liability insurance

Our company provides product liability insurance. Product liability insurance is insurance for businesses that manufacture products in case the products cause harm to individuals or other businesses. So please feel free to place your order with us.


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