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4 Tips for Apartments from China Home Storage Suppliers

With the shortage of land resources and the soaring housing prices, small houses have attracted more and more attention. But most people are full of doubts about the living function of small apartments. Many people realize that a living environment needs to be both livable and well laid out.

Therefore, for people living in small apartments, it is extremely important to achieve reasonable indoor storage and make full use of the limited living space. So, what are the storage design methods for small houses?


Tap into storage potential—China Home Storage Suppliers

For small apartments, it is very important to make the most of every inch of space to store items. If the horizontal distance of the space is not enough, then you should consider using the vertical area. For example, if the vertical space in the room has enough height, you can use the ceiling and floor space for a storage space, or place a simple cubic storage unit between the cabinet and the ceiling to expand the storage space.


Scale down storage—China Home Storage Suppliers

Downward extension refers to increasing the storage space according to the space between the soft decoration and the ground. For example, we can appropriately increase the height of the bed, use the space under the bed to set up storage cabinets or design cube shelves with drawers to increase storage space. A few drawers provide enough space so the bedside doesn’t need a ton of shelving and solid oak cube storage units.


Placing a covered wicker basket or folding chair trolley under or next to the sofa can also add storage to the room.


Make smart use of corner areas—China Home Storage Suppliers

There are always a lot of scattered blind spots in the space that are easy to overlook. If you can use these spaces skillfully, it will bring unexpected surprises. We can place laundry basket storage in a corner or against a wall, or add decorative shelving units or built-in shelves for books or small items for extra storage.


China Home Storage Suppliers say the corner area under the stairs can be used as a platform to form a cozy dining room. The places under the stairs and handrails can be used to design display cabinets, which can not only show the owner’s hobbies, but also show the owner’s home taste.


The design of the stairs is awesome. The above design maximizes the storage function of the space. Everything can be stowed away, keeping the space clean and beautiful. Small apartments rarely have a satisfactory study. You might as well use the corner unit bookcase under the stairs to design a very practical small study of your own.



China Home Storage Suppliers advise:

For the kitchen corner, the design method is as follows:

The corner of the kitchen is mainly designed with wall-mounted cabinet storage, which not only keeps the space clean and tidy, but also expands the utilization rate of the space said by China Home Storage Suppliers. The design of the partition is more convenient to take things, but it is easy to get dust, so it should be cleaned in time. The corner of the kitchen can be used as a shelving unit for the storage room, which is very practical and convenient.


There are minimal things in the bathroom. Partitions can be designed on both sides of the washbasin to store toiletries and keep the space tidy.


The above three storage design methods are extremely important for the use of limited living space.


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