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Bulk Food Storage For Small Spaces

How do you deal with the storage of small things? Here are three ways to store bulk food in a small space.

Bulk food storage tools

1.Small Trolley:

If there is a meal cabinet in the family, it is the best place to save; if there is no side cabinet, the kitchen and living room have some positions. If still, you can refer to my approach: put the snacks ” Storage in the small cart.The small cart is also a representative bulk food storage, and the style color is very different. You can choose from your own preferences, home style.

Bulk Food Storage

2.Self-sealing Bag:

Nothing recommended  bulk food storage, one of my favorite  bulk food storage, the parity is good. Self-payment is the food-grade self-sealing bag, and the food is completely relieved, and for melon seeds, this bulk snack can also play “anti-oxidation”, and the transparent visualization does not have to open it, know what, clear and cool . It’s comfortable to look at it.

self-sealing bag

3. Separators:

The separation box is also a very useful  bulk food storage item If a small cart is the “base camp” of  bulk food storage, the partition box is that the “small branch” is mainly used to separate and fix.

Like candy, chocolate, biscuits, dried beans and other independent packaging snacks, the self -sealing bag is not very meaningful. The bag in the bag is a bit troublesome to remove the bag twice a time. In this case, you can consider using a separator box. Every time you take it directly, the new snack disassembly bag is placed directly in, and it is very convenient to eat it! At the same time, the classification was done.


After all, all types of snacks are scattered on each floor of a small cart, and it looks bad. In order to better match the color and size, I chose this partition box. The same size can choose the size according to the number of snacks to be stored.

Bulk food storage methods

Speaking from the process, classification is a must. The classification of snacks is based on our own favor, such as my classification of snacks in my trolley:

  • The first layer: bulk food, snacks; candy; jelly;
  • The second layer: the snacks of puffed food, biscuits, and “staple food”;
  • The third Layer: Fruits.

Two principles as below:

1 Near principles: put it where it is, such as the living room or bedroom; restaurant or study room, where is easier to be seen, and you can eat it often to ensure that it can be guaranteed.

2 Using space to control number of items: favorable snacks, correspond to a layer or a box of small carts, no more fills after full; Avoiding that put items randomly on your home after buying too much, then your home will get more and more chaotic and your items will lost in the corner, you don’t want to eat again!

As above, snacks are good, they will be happy, and the process of organizing the process will be more clear that they have more love to eat, what are they bought a lot, but never eat it?


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