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11 Practical Tips For Custom Closet Storage

In recent years, custom closet storage has been favored by consumers. Indeed, the scientific division of the overall wardrobe space can make the bedroom decoration look more concise, generous, and beautiful. It is not only convenient to use but also enhances the taste of furniture, why not do it? So today, I will summarize 11 tips for customizing wardrobes to share with you, hoping to help friends who need custom wardrobes.

 Reasonable interior size design of Custom Closet Storage

In order to make full use of each area of the Custom Closet Storage, the internal  Custom Closet Storage dimensions must be designed reasonably and scientifically to avoid the inconvenience of holding clothes. The following are reasonable clothing sizes that have been scientifically verified. It is recommended to refer to this when designing the size.

Suggested dimensions for the interior of the Custom Closet Storage:

1. The height of the cabinet for hanging short coats or suits shall not be less than 800mm;

2. The height of the cabinet for hanging long coats shall not be less than 1400mm;

3. The height of the drawer is not less than 150mm-200mm;

4. The width of the cabinet for stacking clothes is between 330-400mm, and the height is not less than 350mm;

5. The height of the upper end of the wardrobe where the quilt is placed should not be lower than 350mm so that it is neither wasted nor too crowded;

6. The height of the hanging pants area is 700mm-800mm;

7. The height of the stacking area should be between the waist and the eyes as much as possible, which is easy to take;

8. The height of the clothes rail should be about 1.2 times the height of the user.

It should be noted that: Pay attention to the combination of hanging clothes and stacking, which can save space. Hang it up as much as possible, allocate the position and number of hanging rods, shelves, and drawers according to the proportion of clothes, and leave room for adjustment for later changes.

 You can choose different plastic drawers according to different clothes


Then, the internal layout of the wardrobe is reasonable.

The Custom Closet Storage space is large enough and does a good job of partitioning.

The partition of the Custom Closet Storage is very important.

It is mainly divided into the quilt area, the long clothes area, the short clothes area, the stacking area, the trouser rack, the drawer, the storage grid, etc.

Bedding area: It is recommended to put it on the top of the wardrobe because it is not used frequently and it is inconvenient to take.

Long clothing area: If there are many coats, you can set up one of the places to put the long clothing area.

Stacking area: The stacking area can place towels, socks, and small clothes to be rolled up and stacked to save space.

Underwear area: Try to design Custom Closet Storage in a position parallel to the body and easy to reach, because it needs to be used every day. It is also possible to customize the drawers or buy underwear storage boxes.

Pants racks, drawers, storage grids, and other accessories areas: If there are many small objects, such as bags, socks, etc., you can add some accessories to make the storage better.

The Custom Closet Storage space is not large enough, so do a good job of leaving blank space

But if the Custom Closet Storage at home is not big enough to make such detailed partitions, how to make the most of the space?

custom clothing rack

Tip: Leave blank to avoid too many divisions, which makes the wardrobe limited, and cannot be adjusted according to the actual clothing situation in the later stage.

In the later stage, plastic drawers or partitions can be added at any time according to actual needs, which is very convenient and saves money. Custom Closet Storage is very practical. Plastic drawers are used to sort and store clothes neatly and can be adjusted at any time according to the situation of the clothes.

Click here to get more practical tips for custom closet storage.

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