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Custom Clothing Rack to Help Make Your Home Tidy!

As we all know, the issue of clothing storage in autumn and winter is still a headache for us, especially the folded clothes for family members, which will soon be a mess for you. The experience of people who have come here is that the clothes at home can be hung up and not folded. When I get up, and when I get home from work, the sofa in the living room will be covered by the coat that I take off at will. The storage capacity of the wardrobe in the bedroom is limited. There is no place to hang the clothes I often wear, so it is important to buy a custom clothing rack.

Custom clothing racks are very suitable for living rooms and bedrooms in autumn and winter. We buy hangers mainly based on two aspects: small footprint, diversified functions and large capacity, and custom clothing racks solve these problems very well. Depending on the size of the living room and bedroom, you can choose a more suitable hanger by customizing it.

custom clothing racks

For example, the most commonly used custom clothing racks is the triangular floor-standing coat rack, which is classic and simple in appearance, and the base is a triangular support. Solid wood rubber wood material, round texture without burrs, durable. It makes good use of the vertical space to store clothes, and the color matching of the log color is also very versatile with the style of the home.

custom clothing racks

Or another custom clothing racks called removable drawer coat hanger, made of white metal craftsmanship, the frame composed of steel pipes is very strong and will not sway, the shape is light and not heavy, the height is 152cm, the width is 56cm, and the floor space is small. . The surprising feature is that the lower component has 6 pull-out plastic drawers, a good sorting and storage function, and the capacity far exceeds expectations.

custom clothing racks

The cost-effectiveness of custom clothing racks suggests that you should focus on two factors: ① storage capacity and ② multi-scene collocation ability. The former can really solve problems, and the latter can be flexibly adapted to different life stages/scenarios and can be reused.

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