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6 Custom Home Storage Tips

Before starting the storage design, we start from the existing scale of the entire house, Custom Home Storage Tips will help you. First understand the length, width, and the lowest floor height of each room; in addition, we also need to consider the location of each window and door opening in the room. direction and position on the wall; then refer to the natural lighting situation, and try to retain the maximum coverage area of ​​natural light when planning storage.

Custom Home Storage Tips 1:Interior door

Folding doors can be considered to reduce the occupancy of indoor space. In housekeeping rooms, utility rooms or non-open cloakrooms, you can also consider using panels of the same color as the cabinet to make double doors, or even use hanging curtains to replace the most traditional wooden doors and door covers.

Custom Home Storage Tips 2:Partition wall of a full-frame structure apartment house

For the later partition wall in this type of apartment, you can consider using a glass sliding partition after smashing the wall. If necessary, add a curtain to the window side of the glass partition to block light or protect privacy.

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Custom Home Storage Tips 3:The total length of bedside plus bed

The master bedroom area of ​​many small apartments is between 9 square meters and 15 square meters and is either long or narrow, or square, and the actual width of the short side is within 3 meters (many are only 2700mm-2800mm), it is recommended to use at least one board-type box bed ( Or frame bed frame and bottom storage box), try to avoid purchasing the finished soft bag storage bed, the 10-15cm saved in the width direction of the room can make the end of the bed more spacious.

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Custom Home Storage Tips 4:Size of regular furniture

If the sofa in the living room has a storage function (or a sofa bed), you can choose an independent pedal of the same color, or cancel it directly; at the same time, minimize the size of the coffee table, and replace it with a combined small coffee table or side table if necessary.

Or use a split-level coffee table to enrich the layering of the space, similar to the picture below. In a word, under the premise of enough furniture, the smaller the better.

Clothes stand

Custom Home Storage Tips 5:Classification and partitioning by functional attributes and size of items

For example, brooms, dehydrated mops, hand-held upright vacuum cleaners, long-handled glass wipers, etc. can be considered as hanging in a row or as a separate ultra-thin storage cabinet or integrated into the utility room and housework room, etc.

For microwave ovens and ovens that need to be connected to the power supply, drinking fountains, etc. can be considered to be placed in layers and partitions.

Storage basket

Custom Home Storage Tips 6:Fine division according to the storage method and space occupation size of the items

When the maximum length of the area that can be placed in the wardrobe has been determined, taking into account the estimated number of hanging clothes, if more than 50 pieces and only one set of hanging wardrobes can be placed, a double-layer clothes rail is still required, unless it is possible The proportion of stacked clothes is relatively large or the occupants are used to stacking clothes.

Considering the dustproof and height to hang clothes, you can make one or even two sets of drawers at the height of the ground (vertical width 160mm-200mm), plus the upper and lower two sets of clothes rails, each set of 860mm, plus the top plate, the total The height is just about 2200mm.

If there is a need for more stacking clothes, you must plan ahead, select a suitable storage box, storage basket, and clothes pull basket, and then design the cabinet according to the size.

This is roughly the meaning of the picture, the lower clothes basket can be considered as a drawer panel, which is easy to prevent dust.

The daily life of a small apartment determines that most of the space is occupied, and there are many gaps between various spaces and items. It is very difficult to really clean it thoroughly, so it is necessary to make preparations for moisture and insect prevention.

On the premise of purchasing qualified furniture products, some areas that need attention should be maintained and reinforced in daily use, such as loose screws of cabinet door hinges and loose handle screws, which can be tightened by yourself with a screwdriver. If the drawer track is used After a long time, it can be lubricated with a small amount of oil or transformer oil.

Then, try to place heavy objects on the ground or at a low place. The more stupid way is to observe the degree of deformation of the furniture board. When there is visible deformation, do not place too many heavy objects.

For the wall partition shelf, you need to use an impact drill to drill holes and then insert the expansion sleeves before installing the screws. If you place too many books, the screws may fall off after a long time, so you need to pay attention.

That’s all for today’s Custom Home Storage Tips. Click here to know more about smart tips!

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