Factory Audit

Employee Salary And Benefits

We have operation centers in Yiwu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Shantou. These areas are where factories gather and are the most developed cities in China for trade and export. In accordance with national standards, we dispatch professionals or third-party professional inspection companies to conduct factory audits every year. Therefore, our familiarity with the Chinese product market and strict requirements for suppliers determine that we can bring you the best supply chain services.The arrangement of working hours, holidays and holidays, medical expenses, work-related injuries, social insurance, and other employee benefits, personal rights, and the establishment of manufacturer’s security measures are all our audit content. We hope that all cooperating factories can be “people-oriented”.


Factory Audit

Social Responsibility Audit

In China, we attach great importance to the social compliance audit of the supply chain. In addition to inspecting the factory’s production environment and social management, labor policies and professional ethics are also important aspects of the audit.

Safety Production Audit

Safety audits include production safety of machinery and equipment, the safety of employees in production, the safety of production areas, safety of raw materials and other items. A safe production environment is our most concerned audit project.

Fire Safety Audit

We will check whether the factory’s safety exits and safety passages are set up to ensure smoothness. Whether emergency lighting, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, firebox, fire hydrant, and other preventive equipment are complete. Whether fire and disaster prevention drills are recorded.

Site Management

The environmental sanitation of the production site needs to meet the standard, and the operation area should be delineated. The items are placed, the distribution of machinery and equipment is reasonable. The humidity and temperature of the workshop and warehouse are checked, and anti-mildew measures are taken.

Quality Inspection

Each customer’s requirements are also different. Take the ISO9001 quality management system as the basis and attach higher requirements, such as raw material inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection, risk assessment, etc. Production reports, effective management of various items, on-site 5S management, etc.

Anti-Terrorism Inspection

Anti-terrorism inspection is to prevent flammable, explosive, and dangerous goods from entering the packaged products from factory personnel safety, data safety, cargo production, and packaging safety, etc., and direct transport to the port, posing potential threats and safety hazards to the society and the public, and anti-terrorism The main purpose of the factory inspection is to ensure the safety of export goods transportation and use through the factory’s own set of safety control procedures.

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