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How to find the Best Home Storage Wholesale Supplier in China?

How to find the Best Home Storage Wholesale Supplier in China?

China is the largest exporter and trader in the world today. Since 2009, China has been the world’s largest exporter of goods. It’s no surprise that more and more companies are producing goods in China these days.

In addition, factory scams have affected China’s manufacturing industry, and although there are many qualified manufacturers in China, exercise caution when doing business with Chinese companies.

Therefore, a trusted sourcing company can be an asset to you. Before hiring them, however, it’s worth exploring how to validate a Chinese sourcing company.

Some imported goods are of poor quality due to dealing with unprofessional Chinese companies. It is a good idea to do your homework before dealing with any type of Chinese company.

Because of its low cost, China is one of the most important producers of industrial goods. If you want to run your company efficiently, direct sourcing in China may be a wise choice.

However, despite the wide variety of goods to choose from, many overseas consumers may find it difficult to purchase due to language barriers and inconsistent business procedures. In this case, a Chinese sourcing company can help you a lot.

If you’re new to the idea of sourcing companies, let us help you. In the most basic sense, a sourcing company is a third party that helps you find suitable Home Storage Wholesale Supplier in a country.

These purchasing company representatives are often familiar with local business culture and procedures, and even speak the local language.

However, before you deal with any such sourcing company in China, it’s best to verify the company’s background so you don’t get scammed. Let us discuss in this article how to verify a Chinese sourcing company.

Home Storage Wholesale Supplier

What is a China Sourcing Company?

The Sourcing Company is an independent company that assists international companies to import products made in China, and can also provide supplementary services such as packaging, customization, ODM, OEM and fast delivery in exchange for a small fee.

What exactly does a purchasing company do?

The goal of a modern sourcing company or organization is not only to help you find affordable goods, but also to ensure the stability and legitimacy of your supply chain.

Why do you have to find a Home Storage Wholesale Supplier in China?

If you source FBA from China, you may find thousands of Home Storage Wholesale Supplier online.

However, choosing which supplier can provide the best quality at the most competitive price is difficult because most factory manufacturers do not speak English and can only sell their products to sourcing agents or exporters in China companies, who then sell them to international importers.

Also, some customers need extra help when purchasing e-commerce products. In this case, a Chinese sourcing company might be useful.

So, how to verify Home Storage Wholesale Supplier so as not to end up being scammed?

Here are a few things you need to do before entering into any contract with a Chinese sourcing company.

1. Check the business license

When conducting due diligence on a Chinese company, the first step is to verify the business license.

You can avoid scams by checking the validity of the company with your business license. When looking at a company’s business license, you should focus on the “scope of business”.

2. Verify and search for their tax registration number

The Chinese government has introduced an 18-digit registration number. For business-related information in official records, please use this number. In mainland China, companies have adjusted their registration numbers. The 18-digit “Unified Social Credit Code” began operation in late 2017.

3. Search and check their customs records

You must visit the Customs District website of the People’s Republic of China. You must enter a company name, URL or Unified Social credit code.

Always verify the unified social credit code of a Chinese company or supplier. It would be beneficial to have the Chinese company’s license number, tax documents and customs certificates.

4. Check the website of the Chinese sourcing company

You must check the website to see if the China Sourcing Company is still valid before using it.

5. The location of the purchasing company

Browse Google’s China Sourcing Company Directory to find the location of sourcing companies. Are they foreign companies with offices in China, or Chinese companies? Select a purchasing company with a successful track record.

6. Search Google for any warnings

To see warnings and expiration dates on company pages, use Google or Bing to see if Chinese sourcing companies have had poor customer service in the past, according to many retailers.

Currently has legal counsel in China. Almost all B2B marketplaces offer company verification services for their users. To find the actual factory of a nearby company, use company verification

7. Check out the experience

Chinese and Western companies operate very differently. These differences are mainly due to differences in culture, tradition, and thought processes.

It is recommended to choose a purchasing company with extensive knowledge of China. Companies sourcing exclusively from China will have an extensive network of trusted contacts that are vital to your company.

8. Check References

Choose a sourcing company that can give you a practical reference to other companies. You must not forget to visit all these reference sites and talk to them in person.

Please ask about the quality of their products and how long they have worked with the sourcing company. Ask them if they have any advice for any other sourcing companies in China.

9. Check how they handle quality issues

When buying from abroad, the quality of the product is paramount. Identify the steps the purchasing company is taking to address quality issues. Be forewarned that you will not put up with poor quality products.

10. Check Language Proficiency

The ideal purchasing company should be fluent in Mandarin and English. Make sure your primary contact speaks and writes good English.

Since you may sometimes need to speak directly to the Chinese office staff, it would be ideal if they were also fluent in English.

11. Different purchasing companies specialize in various fields.

You must confirm that the product you are interested in can be sourced by your sourcing company.

You can request past order history from a company representative or buyer referrer. A sourcing company that only deals with one product can be hard to find. So ask for buyer references from companies in your industry.

12. Choose an ethical sourcing company

Several sourcing companies allegedly received commissions from Home Storage Wholesale Supplier. While such an agency can speed up the process of finding Home Storage Wholesale Supplier, the quality of the product can be questionable.

Make sure to only accept recommendations from Home Storage Wholesale Supplier who meet your quality and certification requirements.


We hope you have enough ideas on how to verify Chinese sourcing companies. If you plan to source products from China, finding the right Chinese sourcing agent will be a crucial step.

Getting quality products at affordable prices in your time frame can help your business thrive. Take the time to choose the right purchasing agent. The future of your business will largely depend on it.

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