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How to Buy Outdoor Wholesale Kitchen Storage?

How to Choose Outdoor Wholesale Kitchen Storage

Wholesale Kitchen storage is an eternal topic because the kitchen is often one of the important parts of a home. With the recent boom in camping, more and more people prefer to go out of their homes and cook outside, so that they can enjoy the reunion time with many family members and friends without missing the beautiful natural scenery. And since you want to cook outdoors, you must bring some kitchen storage products, especially outdoors, it may not be as convenient as indoors, and good kitchen storage products will bring great convenience to people. But how to choose will also become a big challenge. Dowell, as a professional manufacturer, will provide you with some practical selection suggestions for all wholesalers or importers in this blog.

1. Capacity
When people cook outdoors, maybe in the yard, or drive further afield, in order to preserve food, they will need to use a lot of storage products to sort all the food and tools. At this time, the first thing to consider is the capacity of the storage product. If it is too small, it will not be able to accommodate all the items; at the same time, if the capacity is too large, it may cause the luggage to be overburdened and inconvenient to move. Therefore, when we choose outdoor wholesale kitchen storage products as a supplier, we must take this into account. Our advice is to buy products in different sizes, you can sell them individually or together as a set.

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Different Capacity

2. Material
Different materials will make the weight of different storage products vary greatly, and of course, it will also affect the quality of the product, which determines whether it can hold very hot food. In addition, the use of materials also largely determines the price of the product. As an importer, wholesaler, or retailer, you must take the raw materials into consideration when selecting wholesale kitchen storage products. You need to take into account the affordability and needs of your target customers, as well as your own image positioning. Because first of all, this will partly determine the cost and the profit you can get, and it may also affect your reputation in the market. Better quality, or higher profits, sometimes it is difficult to balance the two.

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Food Storage of Different Materials

3. Weight

In fact, the capacity and materials we just mentioned can make a big difference to the weight of a product. Obviously, if the production capacity is larger and the material weight is larger, the weight of the product will also increase. Therefore, as a wholesaler or retailer, you must consider product weight when choosing outdoor wholesale kitchen storage products. Because it will affect your customers’ choices. Products that are too heavy have texture, but they may be very inconvenient to carry and become a burden for customers.

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4. What customers may bring
When you go out to cook, of course, you bring all kinds of food, as well as all kinds of cooking utensils, such as spatulas, spoons, knives, forks, spoons, etc. At the same time, different countries and regions have different tastes and habits. As a retailer or wholesaler for local residents, you need to reasonably guess what your target customers may bring to cook. And on the basis of this judgment, determine the specific parameters of the wholesale kitchen storage products you want to purchase.

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What will they bring?

5. Appearance

In addition, we must note that some customers are very concerned about the aesthetics of the product, or will need to take some textured photos, so when choosing outdoor wholesale storage products, you can include the appearance of the wholesale kitchen storage products in the selection criteria. In addition, you may be a company that pays attention to product texture and its own image. At this time, you will definitely take the initiative to consider product appearance as one of the important influencing factors.

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