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How to Find Suppliers at the Online Canton Fair?

Why this is an Online Canton Fair? After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the Canton Fair will be held online for the fifth time in a row. Most foreign buyers have been unable to come to China to choose their favorite products since October 2019. So what is the online Canton Fair and how to find suppliers at the online Canton Fair?


Introduction of Online Canton Fair

The online Canton Fair is a gorgeous transformation from offline to online of “China’s first exhibition” Canton Fair. Using the database of exhibitors and merchants accumulated by the Canton Fair for decades, buyers can achieve supplier accumulation and new product development through online selection and real-time negotiation. At the same time, the Canton Fair website provides a large-scale e-commerce platform – Trade Matching, which provides more convenient information exchange channels for Chinese enterprises and international buyers and creates more trade cooperation opportunities.


According to the data of the past 4 online Canton Fairs, the average daily visits of the online Canton Fair reached 600,000, and the average daily visits during the Canton Fair reached 7 million. It is understood that more than 75% of the merchants who attended the fair learned about the exhibition information through the website Canton Fair, and inquired about the companies and products of interest in advance, especially those buyers who participated in every offline Canton Fair in the past.

So far, the online Canton Fair has successfully attracted 150,000 international buyer members and more than 50,000 Chinese supplier members from 211 countries and regions. As a well-known export enterprise in China, Dowell will also participate in the online Canton Fair for the fifth time in a row. Learn more about our company.


With the rapid development of economic globalization, the foreign trade export of my country’s small and medium-sized enterprises is facing a rare development opportunity. The online Canton Fair is committed to building a professional international trade e-commerce platform, assisting more domestic enterprises to explore the international market, and sharing the fruits of global economic growth.

Dowell online canton fair


The core advantage of the Online Canton fair.

Resource advantage: All sellers are carefully selected based on customs export data, and all buyers need to provide real business information to register as members. Match high-quality trading opportunities.

Immediate advantages: The online Canton Fair is free from the constraints of time and space. In the era of the epidemic, hundreds of computer terminals are used to ensure that buyers can browse products in real-time, and sellers can immediately receive customer information to follow up on trade inquiries.

Integrating advantages: Integrate multiple unique advantageous channels of the Canton Fair, and carry out multi-directional promotion on the Canton Fair website, the Canton Fair exhibitor and exhibit inquiry system, and the Canton Fair publicity CD.


How to find suppliers at the online Canton Fair?

First of all, you need to register on the official website of the Canton Fair. If you have participated in the previous Canton Fair and have a buyer’s certificate, you only need to fill in the buyer’s number and leave the contact information to register successfully. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a buyer’s certificate, you can become an international buyer member of the online Canton Fair by providing your personal information and purchasing intention. It is very important to pay attention to the purchase intention. The back-end system may push high-quality suppliers to you according to the intention.


After registering and logging in successfully, there are two search methods on the home page. You can directly enter the supplier’s name, then browse related products, or directly search for the intended product you want to purchase for selection. For example, if you search for Food storage containers, you will find the best-selling fresh-keeping boxes, silicone food bags, refrigerator storage boxes, and other products on the market. Then click Send Inquiry, and the corresponding seller will be prompted by SMS and email. The online Canton Fair has helped foreign buyers and Chinese high-quality suppliers build a bridge of communication time and time again.

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