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How to Verify Chinese Home Storage Supplier is Legitimate?

You can easily find a Chinese home storage supplier on the Internet. Because of the epidemic, many companies sourcing products from China have to find suppliers through online channels. It is not difficult to find a Chinese home storage supplier, but the difficulty is how to verify the legitimacy of this supplier. To validate a potential supplier, you basically need to consider 2 things before entering into a partnership:

  • The product and quantity you want to purchase, can this supplier satisfy?
  • Is the Chinese company reputable? Are there bad records and bankruptcy risks?

How do we identify the legitimacy of a Chinese home storage supplier? There are usually the following methods.

Check the Chinese Home Storage Supplier Online.

Generally, online suppliers will have their own homepage introduction. We must ensure that this company is real, so it depends on the contact information and office address on the website. Generally, the address of manufacturers will be in industrial parks or remote rural areas, while the addresses of traders will be in urban office buildings. We can see the location clearly on Google Maps.

Then you do a Google search to see negative news about a certain company. Search for “company name + negative words” such as “company name+bad”, “company name+scam”, etc. Your other peers will share their experiences with you to prevent you from encountering a bad supplier.

Finally, you need to take another look at this supplier on the online B2B platform. Such as Alibaba, Global Source, Made in China, etc. Alibaba has a supplier certification service. A supplier needs to pay more than 10,000 USD every year to apply for a third-party person to come and take photos and videos. So if your supplier has been operating on Alibaba for many years, there is a good chance that he is a good potential supplier.

Chinese home storage supplier B2B

Apply for or Pretend to Do a Factory Audit

You can tell your potential suppliers that all your orders are subject to factory review before dispatch. Generally, you can use a video conference or a third-party audit agency to help you with this. If your supplier refuses or makes excuses, then you need to be careful.

Of course, if your supplier sends out their factory audit report soon and states that they are updating every year, this may be a supplier that often does export products. You can choose to trust him and ask more questions about the product and production. You will also have a general judgment by replying.

Check Chinese Business License

Chinese suppliers have to register with the Chinese government authorities and obtain a unique company registration number. The business license includes 18 digit Chinese business registration number and company name in Chinese (to make sure that you have the record of the right company).

If your Chinese home storage supplier is unable to provide you with a unique company registration number, it’s too risky to continue dealing with them. To verify the registration number, visit their local administrative government website or contact their local Bureau of Industry Commerce. Some websites for reference:

http:// (if does not work in your country)

Chinese home storage supplier business license

Make a Phone Call

Most scammers use cell phones habitually so they can’t be tracked. So the address information and phone number they provide may be fake. Don’t take it lightly because you think that you can find contacts at any time on your mobile phone number. At this time, it is especially important to call a landline. Landlines in China include the country code, 0086. Area code, such as Ningbo 574, and 8-digit landline number. Our company landline number is 0086-574-27833866, you can call us during business hours from 9 am to 6 pm. Learn more about our company.

Careful about Money

The most important thing is to be careful when paying money at all times. From quotation to negotiating samples, and negotiating prices, there are many links that require long-term negotiations. For example, for a sample of a storage box, your Chinese home storage supplier may ask you to charge a sample fee.

To pay or not to pay? You can say: please prepare the sample, take a picture and show it to me, and I will pay when I confirm it. If your supplier has the ability to proof, then appropriate cost input is also a must for doing business. In short, you need to be very careful with all things related to payment, and a phone confirmation is also very necessary.

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