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Importer and Retailer

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Import and Retailer

In the future, physical stores of home storage products will move towards brand-based and refined management, with diversified core competitiveness: store image, product price image, and customer relationship management. A safe and long-term supplier of multi-category products is the source of life for import and export brokers. Neway provides:

Specialty product selling point training

Brand marketing plan and product planning support

Neway product assembly recommendations

Good Case

The customer wanted to cancel the order because of the detention of 35 containers. Since most of the stores have closed in the last 8 weeks, their studios will close in 6 weeks. We couldn’t accept the result and we came up with a solution that benefited both sides. We recommend that customers can use the Internet as another sales channel. For that, we provided a series of design issues which can be used for online sales to help customers open new sales channels.

The customer accepted the proposal and cooperated actively. And we jointly solved the sales of 35 containers. Neway always takes the initiative to help customers solve problems, make us become the special procurement consultant for customers which can not be replaced.

17 Years' Experience Home Storage Solution Provider

Clients say thanks to us to help to get through this.

Thank you. Yes, this has impacted the world so terribly, financially and mentally. We are so grateful to have such wonderful partners as yourself who are working with us together to get through this. I am hopeful that we can get back to normal very soOvernight I did not receive a replyI will be following up with them today. I want to finalize their orders too.Your support is greatly appreciated. Stay safe and healthy.

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