Logistic & Warehouse

Looking for shipping containers to your country?
Dowell will take care of everything from procurement, and warehouse to international logistics.

Your Reliable Shipping Agent In China

Dowell is more than just a sourcing firm. In China, we are your eyes and ears! We collaborate with you to carry out the sourcing, inspection, and shipping processes for your company.

We help connect to the finest freight forwarder, and we can assist you in transporting products to your warehouses via sea, air, and so on. Tell us about your shipping requirements, and we’ll create the best delivery plan as well as the greatest logistical service experience for you.

Our Shipping Method Options

We help work out your logistics solution depending on your needs.

Air Freight From China

Dowell works with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other major air express providers to offer you the quickest and most effective shipping option.

Shipping By Sea

We are linked to well-known worldwide shipping companies and provide services from Chinese seaports to nearly every port on the planet. Our agents handle all aspects of your shipments, from reserving your goods to arranging collection and delivery.

Rail Freight

Our professional team provides secure, stable, and ecologically responsible rail freight transit throughout the world.

Take Advantage Of Dowell Shipping Services

Dowell Shipping

Dowll is dedicated to providing our valued customers with a full logistical solution under one roof.

Cost Saving

We are devoted to providing you with an optimum shipping option that takes into account shipment time and cost to ensure that your product reaches you at the minimum cost possible.

Fast Delivery From China

We track the order and follow up the shipment to guarantee the products are delivered on time. You can have a short turnaround time to meet your time to market.

Hassle-free Shipping Document Preparation

Our professional staff is well prepared and skilled in managing all of your international freight paperwork and providing you with the finest option that will match your budget and timeline.

We Offer Free Warehouse & Storage Service For 60 Days

Our storage management service includes the acquisition and administration of warehouse space for your items, as well as free storage for 60 days. We make every effort to provide you with the superior storage service you deserve.

Our free storage allows you to be more flexible. With shelves and clearly labeled storage in our warehouses, our technology enables you to monitor and track your inventory in real-time, no matter where you are.

Collect Goods To Save Your E-Commerce Cost

Importing from China needs to connect to multiple suppliers for enriching your product profile. But you may need to spend more on the increasing shipping cost. With our 60-day free warehousing service, you can centralize your multiple orders to our warehouse for unified delivery. It’s an ideal way to reduce the logistics cost for e-commerce businesses.

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