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6 Saving Space Solutions from OEM Bedroom Storage Manufacturer

How to save space? From a lack of hanging space for your clothes to having nowhere to stash your skincare, OEM Bedroom Storage can be quite problematic if your bedroom is on the smaller side. It’s easy for a compact space to become quickly overrun with clutter and crap if you can’t properly store your belongings. Is there any way to increase the storage space in your room? DOWELL will give you 6 solutions for space saving.

Opt for a Clothes Rail with a Double Rod

If you’re renting and your room doesn’t have a large closet for storing clothes, you should definitely buy a Clothes rail with two rails. Taking up the same space, you can store twice as many clothes! Also, clothes rails are very popular right now. You can hang all your clothes on a double clothes rail to Saving Space. That way you don’t have to rummage through boxes for clothes every morning. Your clothes won’t wrinkle either. Stop hesitating and contact us for it!

OEM Bedroom Storage Manufacturer

Make the Most of Unused Wardrobe Space

There must be a big empty space under your closet, right? Let’s put it to good use for Saving Space. You can buy some collapsible storage baskets and put your T-shirts in the baskets. These baskets can be folded and don’t waste space when not in use. And you can stack several layers of these baskets to make the most of the space under the closet.

Bedroom Storage Supplier

Keep Linens and Towels in Statement Storage Trunks

Are you struggling with how to store towels? Our storage boxes perfectly hold your towels and provide a dry environment for storage. Moreover, this is also a decoration of the room, which can decorate the room.

Bedroom Storage Company

Maximize Your Hanging Space

The ultimate wardrobe space saver, one of these nifty hangers will vertically accommodate up to six garments – ideal for those with lots of items that need hanging. This product saves a lot of space in the wardrobe. And make full use of the space under the wardrobe, improving space utilization.

Bedroom Storage Manufacturer

Select a Mirror That Has Secret Storage

Although it looks like an ordinary wall mirror, when you open this cabinet, you’ll find that it’s a drawer for ring holes, earring slots, necklace hooks, a brush holder and makeup storage. What do you think of combining mirror and storage functions into one?

Bedroom Storage Manufacturer

Store Season Items Under Your Bed

Everyone has a lot of clothes that have been around for a long time but have never wear. Store it up too with our large collapsible organizer! You can put away all your seasonal clothes. Then stock your closet with clothes you’ll wear every day.

Bedroom Storage Manufacturer

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