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OEM Your Products with Food Container Factory

Best Food Container Factory in Zhejiang Area

Ningbo Dowell Co., Ltd. is a Chinese supplier of various household storage products. We have a food container factory in the Zhejiang area. Our product range mainly includes home storage, Kitchen storage, Closet storage, Bathroom storage, food storage, and so on. Since 2004, our products have been sold to various countries and regions around the world.

As the most popular product in 2021, food storage containers have brought profits to a large number of customers last year, including Amazon sellers, import wholesalers, traditional retail stores, etc. Our food container factory has more than 20 years of production experience in the Zhejiang area. The factory matches various international standard factory inspection certificates such as BSCI, WCA, ISO9001, etc. Therefore, foreign supermarkets such as Walmart and Carrefour are all selling products from our food container factory. For full product catalog, please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.

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OEM Your Products with Food Container Factory

Most of our orders are OEM orders, customers need to design products and packaging and add their own logo. A simple food storage container can circulate in different markets and maintain differentiated competition because of the elements of different customers. If your brand has enough premium space, then the cooperation with our food container factory will bring you a lot of profit. So how do we usually fulfill an OEM order?

First of all, our sales representative will send you a product catalog for selection. The quotation link is entered after the selection is completed. Then we can get the styles that we intend to order. At this time, we will consider the packaging method of the product, such as product introduction and function promotion on the outer packaging of the product, to ensure that the packaging is attractive enough.

In addition, in order to distinguish different customer information, your logo and specific barcode will be printed on the packaging. Of course, if you want the product to be more characteristic of your brand, we can help you print your logo on the product, which will also make your product more high-end.

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Advantages to Work with Food Container Factory

Different item series are ideal for you to construct a brand with premium quality items with numerous limits, going from 300ml to 4250ml.

Totally water/airproof 100 percent sealed plastic food compartments. Besides, it is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, cooler protected, and even stove safe (glass food compartments).

Reasonable for FCL with blending various items. An entire series of items with different limits and sizes to make your FCL shipment more straightforward.

The month-to-month creation limit is north of a million pieces at this point and it is bit by bit expanding.

We guarantee brief conveyance. There’s obviously no conveyance defer once the conveyance time is affirmed by every one of the gatherings.

The accomplished R&D group grows new items consistently for your new item advancement.

An adaptable MOQ of preliminary orders for a simple beginning. Redone ODM administration is presented for explicit item advancement requests in your objective market.

Particular reaction time. We ensure brief answers and proposition answers for your particular requests concerning items, participation choices, and deals in 24 hours or less.

To keep you informed of the creation progress of each step, we will send you the creation cycle report ideal in light of the creation plans.

We connect extraordinary significance to the client experience. To furnish you with a superior client experience in the following request, we gather criticism to offer better support.

You will be able to check our order process as below and for any inquiries, please don’t forget to contact us.

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