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Why Do You Need a One-Stop Home Storage Wholesale Supplier?

Why do you need a one-stop home storage wholesale supplier? For China’s foreign trade market, the product category of household storage and organization has grown rapidly in the past two years. According to Amazon’s sales report, sales in this category are expected to grow by around 40% in 2021.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, more consumers have spent money on products for household storage, so that their rooms appear more tidy and clean. For wholesalers doing business on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms, why is it so important to choose a one-stop home storage wholesale supplier?

Home storage wholesale supplier in China


First Key Reasons to Find a One-stop Home Storage Wholesale Supplier

All e-commerce businesses need to test products. Amazon sellers tend to distribute multiple products in small batches to find products on the market that end consumers really like. A one-stop home storage wholesale supplier that offers the most options at the same time.

Whether it is a variety of categories in different application scenarios, or products of the same category, different sizes, and materials, if you can find a high-quality vendor to purchase at the same time, it is a very worry-free thing for buyers.

Our products cover 6 major categories, including home storage, kitchen storage, bathroom storage, shoe storage, clothes and closet storage, and laundry storage. Many e-commerce wholesalers have broadened the market by purchasing from us and made lots of money in 2021.

OEM Home storage wholesale supplier


Second Key Reasons to Find a One-stop Home Storage Wholesale Supplier

When a hot-selling product is found, many sellers will find that their inventory is sold out and the products are forced to stop selling. It takes a long time to purchase from China to deliver to their warehouse. After the goods are received, the market is squeezed by other peers or missed the sales season. At this time, a supplier’s fast delivery capability is a very important consideration.

As a home storage wholesale supplier, we will prepare some stock orders at the factory for customers who need fast shipping. As long as you don’t have special requirements, some regular styles can even be shipped within 15 days according to our stock availability. This allows our customers to plan their orders more easily.

One-stop OEM Home storage wholesale supplier


Third Key Reasons to Find a One-stop Home Storage Wholesale Supplier

In addition to product categories and order delivery capabilities, a one-stop home storage wholesale supplier can provide complete factory inspection reports and product certificates to help you transform from a small-batch wholesale business to a large-scale wholesale or even a well-known chain store bidding project. New products developed by our product development team and beautiful packaging designs made by our design team can help win more orders.

Dowell is such a supplier. It has been in the home storage category for nearly 20 years and is committed to providing us with a complete supply chain service in the field of home storage. Click About Us to learn more about The Dowell Company.

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