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Online Canton Fair in 2022

Are you still looking for new suppliers? Here we recommend the ongoing online Canton Fair, a platform for global high-quality manufacturers and suppliers.

On June 15, 2020, the 127th online Canton Fair opened in the “cloud”, and an online event that broke the boundaries of time and space officially kicked off. In 2021, the Canton Fair will be held online and offline for the first time. So how will the 2022 Canton Fair be held? Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to the online Canton Fair, including how to register an account, 6 reasons to participate in the online Canton Fair, 5 highlights of the 2022 Online Canton Fair and the benefits of participating in the Canton Fair.


1. Introduction to Canton Fair

1957 Canton Fair supplier

1957 Canton Fair

Picture of Canton Fair manufacturer

Picture of Canton Fair

China Import and Export Commodities Trade Fair was founded in 1957 and is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. It is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and undertaken by the China Foreign Trade Center. It is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete variety of commodities, the largest number of buyers, the widest distribution of countries and regions, and the best transaction effect in China. It is known as “China’s first fair”.


2. Introduction to Online Canton Fair

The theme of this Canton Fair is to open up the domestic and international dual circulation. The content of the fair includes three parts: an online display platform, a supply, and purchase docking service, and a cross-border e-commerce area. Exhibitors and exhibits, global supply and demand docking, new product release, and exhibitor docking are all set on the official website. , virtual fair hall, news and activities, conference services, and other columns, set up 50 fair areas according to 16 categories of commodities, more than 25,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors, and continue to set up a “rural revitalization” area for all exhibitors from poverty alleviation areas.

Picture of 2022 Online Canton Fair supplier

Picture of 2022 Online Canton Fair


2.1 Online Canton Fair Time and Format

The 131st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held online from April 15 to 24 for 10 days.

Fair time: April 15-24,2022

Fair cycle: 10 days.

Fair entrance:


2.2 Product Categories at Online Canton Fair

There are a number of foreign trade export enterprises participating in the Canton Fair this year. The main products on display include household appliances, consumer electronics and information products, gifts and premiums, toys, sports and travel and leisure products, shoes, luggage and so on. The following is the specific classification of products:

  • Electronics and Home Appliances
  • Illumination
  • Vehicles and Accessories
  • Mechanical
  • Hardware Tools
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical Products
  • Energy
  • Consumer Goods
  • Gift
  • Home Decorations
  • Textile and Apparel
  • Shoe
  • Office, Luggage and Leisure Products
  • Food
  • Medicine and Healthcare


Picture of Product Categories agency

Picture of Product Categories


2.3 Export Exhibitors and Import Exhibitors at Online Canton Fair

1. Export Exhibitors

The export fair brings together many powerful and high-quality enterprises, including 2,132 brand enterprises, with professional, refined and new “little giants”, single champions of manufacturing, national high-tech enterprises, Chinese time-honored brands, China Customs AEO advanced certification, national enterprise technology There are 4,395 companies with titles such as the Center, and about 950 companies from 102 national-level foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases.


2. Import Exhibitors

The import fair attracted 402 overseas companies from 32 countries and regions, including the world’s top 500 company Honeywell, Germany’s high-quality tool company Dimension, the UK’s leading lighting company Cascade, and Japan’s small home appliance company Sezze and other well-known companies. It is worth noting that a total of 117 companies from RCEP member countries participated in the import fair, accounting for 29.1% of the exhibitors at the import fair.


On the online platform of the Canton Fair, companies uploaded over 2.9 million exhibits, including over 900,000 new products and over 480,000 green and low-carbon exhibits, all hitting record highs.


3. How to participate in the 2022 Online Canton Fair?


3.1 Overseas old buyer login


3.1.1 Overseas buyer certificate verification login

Overseas buyers who have participated in the Canton Fair can use the information on the overseas buyer’s certificate or the valid overseas ID card presented when applying for the certificate for verification. After setting their email address and password, they can log in directly. Overseas buyers who already have an account on the Buyer Electronic Service Platform (Best Platform) can log in directly with their account and password.

Step 1: Click “Register for Overseas Purchasers” on the registration page.

Overseas Buyer agency

Overseas Buyer

Step 2: Click [I have a buyer certificate].

I have a buyer certificate

I Have A Buyer Badge

Step 3: On the overseas buyer certificate verification page, fill in the “Buyer Certificate ID” and “Buyer Certificate Name”. Please fill in the name correctly and completely according to the name printed on the buyer certificate, including uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces and punctuation marks .

ID Number of Overseas Buyer Badge manufacturer

ID Number of Overseas Buyer Badge

Step 4: After the verification is successful, enter the email address, set the login password, and click [Submit]. It is recommended to fill in the commonly used email address to use the platform’s various supply and purchase docking services smoothly.


3.1.2 Overseas valid ID verification login

Step 1: Click “Overseas Buyer” on the registration page.

Overseas Buyer agency

Overseas Buyer

Step 2: For users who already have a buyer’s certificate, click [I have a buyer’s certificate].

I have a buyer certificate

I Have A Buyer’s Badge

Step 3: On the overseas buyer’s certificate verification page, click “Verify using ID number” to verify. Please fill in the personal ID information provided when applying for the buyer’s certificate at the Canton Fair. Please fill in the name correctly and completely according to the certificate, including name sequence, uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces and punctuation marks.


Verify Via ID manufacturer

Verify Via ID

Step 4: After the verification is successful, enter the email address, set the login password, and click [Submit]. It is recommended to fill in the commonly used email address to use the platform’s various supply and purchase docking services smoothly.

Verify Via Overseas Buyer Badge supplier

Verify Via Overseas Buyer Badge


Step 5: After jumping to the verification success page, click “Login Now”, and enter the login email and password again to log in to the system.


3.1.3 Best platform account and previous platform account login

On the buyer login page, enter the buyer’s electronic service platform (Best platform) or the account number and password registered on the platform in the past to log in directly.

Buyer sourcing



3.2 Registration of new overseas buyers

Step 1: Click “Register for Overseas Purchasers” on the registration page

Overseas Buyer sourcing

Overseas Buyer

Step 2: Click [I don’t have a buyer certificate]

I Don’t Have A Buyer Certificate manufacturer

I Don’t Have A Buyer Certificate

Step 3: On the overseas buyer registration page, fill in the information correctly and check the service agreement, then click [Submit] to complete the registration. [Note: Please be sure to fill in the real information and common email address to use the platform’s various suppliers and purchase docking services smoothly]

Fill in the Information agency

Fill in the Information


Step 4: After successful registration, if you want to use the “Initiate Instant Communication”, “Reservation Negotiation Service” or “Initiate Intentional Order” service, please verify your email address and improve company information.


4. Online Canton Fair VS Offline Canton Fair

As the epidemic continues, the Canton Fair has gradually transitioned to an online event in the past two years. Online fairs are different from offline entities. There are many advantages but also many problems. For example, the system is prone to collapse, and the anchor cannot clearly grasp the needs of the viewers. However, with the advancement of technology, online fairs have gradually matured. Below is a comparison of the advantages of online fairs and offline fairs.


4.1 Online Canton Fair


4.1.1 The Cost of Participating in the Station is Low

Offline fairs have various expenses such as platform rental, booth construction, labor costs, transportation costs, and material production. Online fairs can greatly reduce the cost of exhibiting.


4.1.2 Breaking the Double Limitation of Time and Space

Compared with offline fairs, most of which have 2-day fairs and 3-day fair periods, online fairs do not accept geographical restrictions, and can achieve 365/24-hour participation, with wider spread and influence, breaking the dual restrictions of time and space.


4.1.3 Customer Data Collation, Analysis and Tracking Are More in Place

Compared with offline participation in the fair, it is more time-saving and labor-saving, more efficient, and more conducive to follow-up. In addition, the virtual fair hall can obtain accurate traffic data and behavior data, which is convenient for subsequent analysis and tracking, and can also be used for the integration and exchange of resources in other fairs or other industries to provide data support for enterprise development.


4.1.4 Safety and Environmental Protection

Every time an offline fair is held, a huge amount of fair waste will be generated, resulting in a serious waste of resources. From the waste of fair badges, fair meal coupons, and fair lunch boxes, to the materials for booth construction and the production of various tables, chairs, and cabinet columns, the life cycle is only 3 days, and they are dismantled and turned into a pile of waste materials. The online fair does not have these problems, it is green and environmentally friendly, and there is no security concern. Especially during the epidemic, the use of virtual reality fair halls has achieved physical isolation very well.


4.2 Offline Canton Fair


4.2.1 Immersive Experience

In traditional offline fairs, especially industrial fairs, customers need to actually release real products for product experience. Offline fairs provide enterprises with a scene of commodity display and viewing experience, and also provide an intuitive and real scene for supply and demand sides to directly communicate technology and trade information, and the amount of customer acquisition is much higher than online.


4.2.2 Ultimate Trust

Buyers can communicate one by one, or directly communicate with engineers or bosses at the first time. Face-to-face communication can achieve a sense of trust.


4.2.3 Deep Communication

The activities of the offline fair can meet the two levels of information transmission and emotional experience in interpersonal communication at the same time, and can provide sincere, warm and face-to-face communication services.


5. 6 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Online Canton Fair

This year’s Canton Fair has optimized and upgraded the official website platform, and the level of digitalization has been significantly improved. Focusing on improving the effectiveness of trade connection and user experience, we continued to optimize and enhance the functions of the online platform.

Canton Fair Conference sourcing

Canton Fair Conference

5.1 More Stable Platform

Comprehensively update the technical infrastructure of the platform, optimize the data structure of exhibitors and exhibits, and make the system more efficient. It can quickly respond to changes in user needs. Optimize the global network acceleration configuration. Effectively reduce the delay of domestic and overseas access and improve the speed of cross-border access.


5.2 Better Function

Strengthen the identification of high-quality exhibitors and exhibits, add corporate logos such as specialized, high-tech, and time-honored Chinese brands, as well as product logos such as green and low-carbon, smart products, expand search thinking, and improve search accuracy and professionalism. The columns of “New Products Launching at the Canton Fair” and “Selected Enterprise Display” columns are added to help enterprises fully display their brand image.


5.3 More Convenient Connectivity

Under the premise of respecting the wishes of the buyers, exhibitors can take the initiative to check the buyer’s information, automatically obtain the buyer’s business card, and initiate instant communication with the buyer, making the interaction between suppliers and buyers more convenient.


5.4 More Considerate Service

Hold corporate video training sessions, optimize online operation guidelines, make short videos of platform operation, and conduct one-to-one and one-to-many comprehensive personalized training for exhibitors. Provide 10 × 24 hours of all-weather intelligent customer service to help exhibitors make better use of the online platform.


Online Canton Fair manufacturer

Online Canton Fair

5.5 Better Protection

The Canton Fair is held online, and network security is the top priority. This year’s Canton Fair will continue to play the role of relevant guarantee mechanisms, carry out safety tests, strengthen on-duty protection, and improve the rapid disposal mechanism to ensure the safe and stable operation of the online platform.


This Canton Fair will innovate activities and services to create a comprehensive trade service platform. Strengthen information service functions, improve trade supporting services, and give better play to the role of the Canton Fair as a multi-functional comprehensive trade platform.


5.6 Other Reasons

Under the influence of the epidemic, overseas fairs have been suspended, companies cannot go to local offline fairs, and buyers cannot purchase by plane.


Some countries have decided to return to normal life, and they need to purchase various products locally. It is expected that there will be a new round of consumer demand growth in overseas markets.


No other country currently offers this kind of online fair service to buyers, with China leading the way.


6. 5 Highlights of Online Canton Fair 2022


6.1 The first time to organize the first show debut event

According to the five major themes of advanced technology, intelligent manufacturing, better life, low-carbon environmental protection, and trade services, select high-quality enterprises’ new products, new technologies, new brands, and new services to launch videos, and hold more than 100 online new product launch events. , showcasing the latest innovations made in China.


6.2 Hold online double circulation promotion activities

According to the five major themes of advanced technology, intelligent manufacturing, better life, low-carbon environmental protection, and trade services, select high-quality enterprises’ new products, new technologies, new brands, and new services to launch videos, and hold more than 100 online new product launch events. , showcasing the latest innovations made in China.


6.3 Hold themed forums

Focusing on hot topics such as dual circulation, RCEP, and “dual carbon”, 10 online sharing forums were held to help enterprises grasp market trends.


6.4 Optimize and upgrade CF award

Upgrade the Canton Fair Export Product Design Award to the Canton Fair Design Innovation Award, adjust the selection scope, add new awards, and further enhance the openness, authority, professionalism and internationality.


6.5 Optimize trade services

On the basis of trade services such as customs, freight forwarding, finance, insurance, certification, and design, new services such as China-Europe trains, shipping, and new formats such as cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses are introduced to provide foreign trade enterprises with more complete trade ecological services.


7. Benefits of Participating in the Online Canton Fair

For the buyer: there are many manufacturers, goods, and styles in the Online Canton Fair. On the one hand, they can use this to purchase the required products. On the other hand, you can also understand market conditions and trends. Moreover, due to the concentration of manufacturers, procurement is more convenient.


For the seller: There are a lot of buyers at the Online Canton Fair, and those who come to the fair are all customers with purchasing intentions, and the transaction rate of placing orders is relatively high. It is an excellent opportunity to promote products and meet target customers.


In a word, the Online Canton Fair is an extensive exchange between manufacturers and buyers, and there are many opportunities to promote cooperation.


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