Bulk 2 Layers Genius Drawer Storage Rack

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Hot Selling 2 Layers Genius Drawer Storage Rack
Fast delivery, Free samples, OEM available.
Production Capacity: 40000units
MOQ: 200units
Lead time: 30 days
Material: PP
Color: white, grey
Item size LxWxH: 37.5*18.5*37cm
Product Weight: 1kg


Are you still worried about the messy kitchen? With this 2 Layers Genius Drawer Storage Rack, everything is easy to handle.

2 Layers Genius Drawer Storage Rack

Independent drawer storage rack  design:

There are 2 drawers to keep everything organized. The simple and atmospheric pattern design is very attractive. The design never goes out of style.

Strong drawer storage rack structure:

strengthen the load-bearing, and greatly increase the stability. The sturdy and solid main body bracket can easily bear the weight, it is stable and does not shake, and it is more secure to use. The baffle is hollowed out for ventilation.

Large-capacity and practical design drawer storage rack:

Strengthening the layer spacing is convenient for storing bottles and cans, and the kitchen space is easily doubled. The front half-height baffle is convenient to take and at the same time, the height of the baffle is added to prevent the product from falling.


Food grade PP plastic, BPA free.

Expandable drawer slides:

The drawer-style design makes it easy to reach deep into the shelf. Equipped with user-friendly handrails, the handrail design is smooth and does not hurt the hand, which is convenient to take. The smooth slide rail design ensures that the drawer opens and closes easily. Low friction slide rail, smooth, and more wear-resistant. Pulling is very labor-saving.

Multiple-use scenarios, practical and versatile:

versatile at home, unlimited use. It can be placed in the bathroom to store cosmetics, face towels, and various daily use bottles and jars, and it can also be placed in the kitchen to store seasoning jars, jam jars, etc.

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Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
We have direct factory and also do part of trading to expend our product range.
Q2: Can you help make our own design?
We are experienced in OEM and ODM service for many world-famous brands and retailers for years. Send us your idea, our professional design team will support your vision and make it a reality.

Q3:We are a small wholesaler, do you accept small orders?
It’s no problem if you are a small wholesaler. Also, we can retail the in-stock goods because most of the items we have are with the limitation of MOQ.
Q4:Can you produce according to our design?
We specialize in OEM and ODM, you can tell us what you think and we will help you finish the product.
Q5: Has your company ever cooperated with large supermarkets?
Yes, our company has long-term cooperation with large supermarkets in many countries.


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