China Durable Shoe Rack Organizer Exporter

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Type: Shoe Storage
Color: Black/Grey/Brown
Material: Strengthened Metal Pipes,Non-woven Fabrics Tiers, Plastic Connectors
Dimensions: (18 x 11.9 x 57.7)” / (45x 30 x 144)cm
Layer Height: 7 7/10″ / 20cm Our Shoe Rack Organizer has durable quality and our factory has strict QC standard which guarantee the quality of cargo。


China Durable Shoe Rack Organizer Exporter

DURABLE AND STURDY: The strong and big diamter of pipe makes it can bear around 16 pairs of shoes,which makes it have long life time and low repair rate.

8-TIER SHOE RACK: The 8-TIER SHOE RACK is designed special for the narrow cornoer of you house.It can help maximum the use of storage space,keeping your entryway,closet or mudrroom away from mess.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are needed for assmebling this shoe rack,with your hand or a small hammer you can assemle it by your self easily!

OPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY: The height of each tier can also be be adjusted by removing each tier cover or not.

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