7 Colors OEM Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags Manufacturer In China

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OEM Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags Wholesale Supplier
Hot Selling Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags
Fast delivery, Free samples, OEM available.
Production Capacity: 50000units
MOQ: 3000units
Lead time: 30days
100% Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags
Freezer & Microwave Safe for Lunches and Snacks


OEM Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags Wholesale Supplier

Wholesale Reusable Food Storage Bags:

Store food, freeze leftovers, and pack lunches with the reusable WeeSprout Silicone Food Storage Bags. Stop wasting money on single-use plastic bags. These ultra-durable bags are built to last, use after use! Each pack comes with four 4-cup bags and three 6-cup bags!

100% Food Grade Silicone:

Silicone is thick, durable, and long-lasting – the perfect material for Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags. Unlike regular food storage bags, there are no fillers or harmful additives that can seep into your food.

100% Leak Proof and Hermetic Seal Perfect for Liquid Storage:

No more messy spills in the fridge or lunch bag! These airtight bags prevent freezer burn, keep food fresh, and lock in flavor and nutrients. WeeSprout bags keep your food fresh longer, keep your liquids consistent, and prevent dry goods from spoiling!


Stop wasting money on earth-damaging single-use plastic bags. Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags is a better choice! If you want to make fewer trips to the store, put more money in your pocket, and reduce plastic in landfills, switch to reusable bags. The world and your wallet will thank you!

Refrigerator, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe:

These super Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags can be used in the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher! Forget about disposable bags that can cause freezer burn – put resealable bags in the freezer to keep your food fresh, delicious, and nutritious! Plus, cleanup is a breeze – hand wash your bags or throw them in the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleanup. Remove the seals and use your bags in the microwave, or boil them for a deeper clean!


We’re sure you’ll love your bag, but if you have any concerns let us know and we’ll work with you until you’re 100% satisfied! 100% Food Grade Silicone:
100% food-grade silicone bag, an alternative to plastic bags

No fillers or harmful substances
Buy less and save more
Say goodbye to disposable bags with reusable silicone.

Save hundreds of dollars in your lifetime.

Leakproof + Hermetic Seal:

100% leak-proof bag prevents messy spills in lunch bags

Airtight seal keeps food fresh

Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags

Impervious to heat and cold:

Frozen Food Safe Storage

Microwave and oven safe for quick meal prep.More durable and more convenient using Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags than ordinary food storage bags:
● Food grade silicone

● Reusable

● 100% leakproof

● Hermetically sealed

● Freezer

● Dishwasher safe

● Microwave safe (*remove seal)

● Boil proof (*remove seal)

● Color coding
A convenient alternative to single-use plastic bags – Choose Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags, the world and your wallet will thank you!
● Better for your family – no harmful additives or materials – no need to worry if your food storage bag is doing more harm than good

● Fits better in your wallet – saves hundreds of dollars over your lifetime – no more wasting money changing bags

● Good for the world – all the convenience of disposable food storage bags without adding to the piles of plastic that end up in landfills year after year

7 Colors OEM Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags Manufacturer Food Storage Bags Supplier

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Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
We have direct factory and also do part of trading to expend our product range.

Q2: Can you help make our own design on Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags?
We are experienced in OEM and ODM service for many world-famous brands and retailers for years. Send us your idea, our professional design team will support your vision and make it a reality.

Q3:We are a small wholesaler, do you accept small orders?
It’s no problem if you are a small wholesaler. Also, we can retail the in-stock goods because most of the items we have are with the limitation of MOQ.

Q4:Can you produce according to our design?
We specialize in OEM and ODM, you can tell us what you think and we will help you finish the product.

Q5: Has your company ever cooperated with large supermarkets?
Yes, our company has long-term cooperation with large supermarkets in many countries.

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