2022 New Reusable Storage Bags Amazon Supplier from China

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Amazon Hot Selling Reusable Storage Bags Wholesale Factory

Production Capacity:80000units/month
Lead Time: 14 days
Material: PEVA
Color: Clear color+Orange, Green, Blue, or any other colors you need.

We provide OEM and ODM services for these newly developed wholesale PEVA reusable storage bags. It’s selling to Amazon buyers, wholesale importers, and retail chain stores. Please ask for a quotation if you have any need.


New Food Grade Reusable Storage Bags China Factory

100% Seal&Leak-proof: An updated closure sealing technology brings 100% water sealing. There is an improved double closure so the reusable storage bags are easier to open or close.

Food Grade: Made of PEVA material which is reusable, food standard, and eco-friendly.Good for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and so on.

Easy clean: Clean the reusable storage by hand to keep the double closure tight and seal.Hand wash, room temperature water, and air fry.

Our factory is around the Ningbo area in Zhejiang province. Many of them have more than 10 years of cooperation with us and will support the best price to our customers. Now, this product is already hot selling in the market, especially on some online platforms. Click here to find our best price!

Reusable Storage Bags OEM

China Reusable Storage Bags

Q1:Where is your market?
Our product is selling to customers all over the world and our main market is Europe and USA.
Q2: How can I get your catalog?
Contact us by email or Click here to let us know what you need!


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