Wholesale Clothes Storage Basket With Pattern From Brilliant Maker

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Type: Wholesale Clothes Storage Basket Use Bamboo And Cloth With Many Kinds Of Patterns
Item Weight: 0.625kg
Product Dimensions: 33*33*18cm
Supply Ability: 30000 Piece/Pieces per Month
MOQ: 3000pcs

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Wholesale Clothes Storage Basket With Pattern

Product structure:
The clothes storage basket is easy to fold and carry, wear-resistant and durable. The square storage box has waterproof design and moisture-proof effect. At the same time, the opening of the basket is made of bamboo. In order to meet different demands, we have carried out a variety of designs in terms of appearance, and the cartoon pattern adds more colors to the furniture

The product can well solve the problem of family storage. It can place not only clothes, but also various magazines. At the same time, because this storage can be folded, when you don’t use the product, you can fold it and put it on the cabinet or shelf, which can not only save space, but also make your home cleaner.

Because clothes storage basket can be folded and packed in a folded way during transportation, wrinkles may appear. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

bulk clothes storage basketclothes storage basket agencyDOWELL STORAGE CERTIFICATESQ1:Can you make our design on this product?
Yes, we can mass produce according to your design .
Q2:Can the material of this clothes storage basket be changed
We can use the cloth according to your requirements.

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