12 Cubes Storage Organizer Hot Selling Clothing Storage Cube From China Factory Wholesale

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Manufacturer for Hot selling Clothing Storage Cube in China Fast delivery, Free sample, OEM available.
Production Capacity: 30000units
Lead time: 25days
Material: PP
Color: Black

This Clothing Storage Cube is selling to our customers all over the world. Very Fast delivery for our customers. Design the package you want such as carton box, Color box, etc. Colors can be customized according to your requirement.


Classical OEM Clothing Storage Cube for wholesale

DIY Storage Cube: Made of PP Plastic, Waterproof, Moisture, and Dustproof. Each block can be used independently to meet your storage needs for different scenes

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble: It is a simple modular structure. Follow the guide and check that each sheet is fully locked in the connector after each layer is assembled, then you will have a solid storage organization.

Prevent tipping and ensure safe use: Anti-tip accessories are provided to secure it to the wall for safety, Load capacity per grid: 10 lbs. Even if you have kids at home, you don’t have to worry about the safety of using a locker.

Multiple Ways of Use: Not only can be placed anywhere in your home or office but it can also be used as a partition, giving you a private space where you can store all kinds of things you want: books, clothes, toys, art, decorations, etc.

Our factory is around the Ningbo area in Zhejiang province. Many of them have more than 10 years cooperation with us and will support the best price to our customers. Now, this product is already hot selling in the market, especially on some online platforms. Click here to find our best price! Clothing-Storage-Cube-wholesaleCloset Hanging Storage Shelves factoryDOWELL STORAGE CERTIFICATES

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