Quality Management
Quality Management

Not only, you can send us links or pictures of any products you need, \and we will provide an integrated service of product sourcing/price comparison /sourcing/inspection/ shipping, etc.

Quality Inspections As A Crucial Step In Matchsourcing

In today’s corporate environment, cost is still an important factor in consumer items. But some firms continuously slash costs even when the consequences are harmful to product quality. In several instances, the quality dimension is changed to save money, and management is certain that the quality risk will not be found.

We have a team of specialists on hand to walk you through the whole inspection procedure step by step. If this is of interest to you, please contact your agent to discuss the price structure.

We provide one-by-one inspection as a solution to ensure that each unit in your order meets your specifications. This procedure ensures that each product is qualified and fit for sale. As a consequence, you may sell your products straight without worrying about product quality.

Comprehensive Vendor Audit To Find A
Reliable Manufacturer In China

Pre-Production Inspection

This is the stage in which our inspection experts check the product before it is manufactured. This examination is required so that you may learn about the raw materials that the manufacturing company will be employing. Some vendors cut savings by utilizing low-quality materials in their manufacture. They do this to save money. As a result, the majority of raw materials are verified during pre-production inspections to guarantee the consistent quality.

Dupro/In-Process Inspection

These inspections are performed during the manufacturing process to guarantee that the items created meet QC requirements. These inspections are often performed when the initial batch of items is produced. The initial batch is examined to see whether any modifications are required. These modifications are then introduced later in the manufacturing process.

Final Inspection

This may involve a full and packed product quality check. Sample sizes are chosen for each component indicated in the inspection criteria. Acceptable quality levels, AQLs, are identified for determining an accept or reject the result. Drop-testing is often conducted to check the integrity of the unit and/or master carton packaging integrity. In addition, the boxes’ condition and labeling correctness are assessed.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

If pre-shipment checks are not performed, payments for defective items may be processed. These checks guarantee that the supplier delivers accurate and error-free batches. This examination also confirms that the entire quantity of items is met. If the inspection is performed in China, the time and expenses will be significantly reduced. We complete Pre-shipment checks without delay.

100% Inspection & Third Party Inspection Are Available For Your Needs

Manufacturers must ensure that the items made, delivered, and marketed comply with industry, government, or their own unique standards. MatchSourcing, as your trusted sourcing agency in China, we can help check each piece of your bulk products if necessary.

We also cooperate with some independent third-party inspection and testing firms with international certificates, which can guarantee the quality to safeguard your brand, reputation, and consumers.

We Ship Samples From China For Your Approval

We will discuss and monitor your product specs for samples after we have located your perfect supplier. When the samples are ready, we will send them to you. We will finalize your product run with the supplier when you have confirmed that you are completely pleased with the sample.

Benefits Of Our China Product
Control Inspection Services

Factory-Direct Solutions

Dowell has cooperated with more than 3,000 reliable suppliers. We will search for the most suitable supplier and product for your needs and provide you with the best price.

Strict Quality Inspection

A strong factory audit system ensures that the production process avoids any defective products. We will check the quality of the product before shipping and take photos or videos.

Professional After-Sales Service

If the product has any quality problems, please contact us in time. We will take our best to help our clients to solve any problems and reduce guest loss.

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