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Why Should You Prefer to source from China?

Why Should You Prefer to source from China?-Dowell

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Due to various reasons, the world’s business dynamics are constantly changing. With the emergence of the Internet, especially sourcing from China has become one of the most important trends in almost all industries in the world.

This business method-sourcing from china helps to reduce the FOB price, because sourcing from China and buying directly from the factory allows you to buy at a lower price, and can eliminate many different profits that all trading companies often require when purchasing any kind of finished products or raw materials.

Sourcing from China not only helps any enterprise to reduce the overall import cost but also helps to increase its competitiveness while further adding value. However, to achieve this, we need to work hard, and we must do it professionally.

Imagine about 15 years ago, when there was no direct procurement solution, all companies used to need the help of a trading company to source from China, which acted as an intermediary between importers and product manufacturers.

Today, China has become one of the main sources of various industrial products and consumer goods. Therefore, you no longer need to rely on any Hong Kong company to source from China and import.

As a trader, any trading company will maintain a minimum profit margin of 20% in the past, but under this arrangement, they will also provide some additional services, which you need to consider when importing directly or sourcing from China.

As far as the wholesale purchase of almost all commodities is concerned, China is undoubtedly one of the largest countries. They are the largest manufacturer in the world and are supported by various industries and infrastructures.

The best approach seems to be to buy directly from Chinese factories. Considering that now you purchase directly from the source, all middlemen and their influence are eliminated. However, there are many other advantages to sourcing from China and purchasing directly from China.

Let’s explore the different reasons why we prefer to purchase directly from China.


1. Good Quality with Reasonable Prices

A large selection of products is available from Chinese sources for comparatively modest costs. You might wish to find out why things are so reasonably priced by these providers. The response is not absurd.

You would see that these elements contribute to your low prices of items if you take a quick look at the large numbers of manufacturing industries and the low cost of labor. Imagine that you are also purchasing in large quantities. Your order prices will be even lower.

2. Great infrastructure-Source from China

You must agree with us. When you want to get a good price and ensure the product price and quality, you often need a very advanced and complete infrastructure. You can check how many new roads and buildings have been built in China in the past 20 years. This is because China has greatly simplified production steps and business processes. This allows Chinese suppliers to often give you better prices.

3. Higher production capability source from China

As has been established, China is the world’s largest manufacturer, with a variety of industries and infrastructure. Therefore, their production capacity has now dropped to a new level. Good one!

These industries create projects for the world economy, so it is natural for them to do so on a large scale and in a broad manner. When you order products directly from these suppliers, you may be confident that you will receive a significant number of high-quality products.

4. Production efficiency source from China

If we take into account various production costs, such as labor costs, warehousing costs, training costs, etc., many factories in the importer’s home country will eventually fail.

But for Chinese suppliers, these are not big problems, because their labor costs are very cheap, and Chinese people work very hard, so their work and factory production are rarely affected.

5. Latest trending products-source from China

As a big country in the production and manufacturing industry, China is the country with the most factories in the world. We believe that you can find suitable suppliers for any product in China. Because there are so many factories in China, the market competition is very fierce, and new products that lead the trend emerge in endlessly. You can get a lot of products about market preferences from Chinese suppliers and know what your peers in the market are importing.

6.Cheap labor source from China

China is known for having cheap labor. Together with the basic fact that all these manufacturing enterprises have advanced infrastructure, the wages are substantially lower when you source from China.

It does not appear like the production process is all that difficult. When you directly source from China and place an order directly with these suppliers, getting access to these delicacies is simple.

7. Fast response time

You might be sure of a quicker response time for your deliveries and questions if you had a direct connection to Chinese suppliers. The response time of such kind is typically unattainable by trading organizations, but it is possible to obtain it from these Chinese suppliers.


Due to the fierce competition in the global market, all enterprises must give priority to profit margins while maintaining or even improving product quality. This is the key reason why many enterprises around the world choose to source from China and purchase directly from China. If you really want to try or are looking for a supplier that can help you in sourcing in China, you can consider Dowell. As a Chinese supplier specializing in import and export, Dowell has 10000+supplier resources in China. We believe that no matter what products you want to import, we can match your needs with our abundant resources and give you the best solutions.

If you think the minimum order quantity of the factory is a little high, we can also provide you with the service of a Yiwu agent. In the Yiwu market, you can obtain MOQ with a minimum order quantity of 1 box and pay a competitive factory wholesale price at the same time.Detailes→Dowell Yiwu Agent

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