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Wholesale Food Containers Packing Trends You Need To Be Aware in 2022

With the rapid advancement of technology, wholesale food containers packaging has been endowed with unique value propositions and specific marketing functions in addition to protecting food from damage in transit and extending the taste period of food.

Wholesale food containers packaging can directly link effective marketing content to the brand, which has a great impact on customer buying behavior. Good packaging can make a product stand out from the competition and better connect with market goals. The number of food propositions will be revealed in advance: in the upcoming 2022, what new trends will be in the field of food packaging, and their guiding significance for the future industry.

1. The process of green packaging is accelerated, and “regeneration” follows a consistent cycle

Due to the consideration of environmental protection, consumers’ demand for green packaging is increasing. Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging, usually includes two types: recyclable and biodegradable. It aims to minimize packaging damage to the environment through reuse in the same industry chain or toxin-free natural degradation, thereby Help brands reduce the associated negative impact. This huge demand has driven the growth of the green packaging market.

As the topic of environmental protection becomes more and more important, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging is also becoming more and more popular. In addition to protecting the environment, it can also help companies build a good brand image and bring positive social benefits to the company. Recyclable, degradable and compostable packaging materials have become an important material in packaging design.

Green packaging of wholesale food containers

Green packaging of wholesale food containers

2. Intelligently embrace food packaging and bring a new consumption experience

With the continuous expansion and development of e-commerce, intelligent packaging attached to various products has gradually entered the public eye. In the application of food packaging, in addition to the routine functions of tracing the source of food production and checking food safety, packaging intelligence has also derived some unexpected usage scenarios to meet consumers’ needs for user-friendliness, interaction and interconnection.

1、”One Object, One Code” Constructs New Contents of Wholesale food containers Packaging

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many offline marketing activities have been forced to shift to online positions. Brands urgently need a technology that is both efficient and convenient to support marketing activities.

At this time, QR code technology comes into play. As an important link between virtual and reality, QR code on food packaging plays an indispensable role in achieving brand transparency and improving customer retention.

The penetration of QR code technology has opened up a lot of opportunities for the food and beverage industry. development opportunities. The QR code that can share the detailed information of food can not only help trace the source of the product and understand the details of the food information, but also enhance the consumer’s participation experience and enhance the consumer’s purchasing confidence, thereby enabling brand marketing and improving customer retention rate.

2、”AR technology” creates a new way of food marketing

With the development of science and technology, packaging is no longer a waste food carrier, but serves products in a clever high-tech way, bringing more creative opportunities for marketing. With AR technology, brands can add a variety of digital marketing content, from simple text and graphics, to complex videos, animations, interactive games… omnipotent, AR technology gives products lifelike vitality.

When customers scan the QR code on the food packaging, rich additional information will be displayed through animation and other means, accompanied by intelligent sound effects, which instantly stimulates customers’ interest in the product.

Alternatively, brands can leverage AR technology to create a custom scene themed around a company or product catalog, creating a virtual shopping space for consumers.

In addition, restaurants and pubs can also replace traditional physical menus with QR codes in the store to provide customers with a customized dining experience.

The application of AR technology in life scenarios brings consumers an “immersive” consumption experience, bridging the gap between online shopping and offline consumption. Food companies should also keep up with the pace of the times and provide consumers with better Smart food packaging.

3、”Social Sharing” Expands New Field of Food Interaction

The desire to “share interesting things” is a social attribute of human beings, and wholesale food containers packaging that captures this characteristic will inevitably arouse people’s desire to consume. Today, millennials already have strong purchasing power, which is enough to attract young people to become a must-have for brands to compete in the market. If you want to market to millennials, you need to place ads on their favorite and most-used “smartphones.”

For example, let customers access your social media accounts through QR codes on food packaging, ask them to help tag the brand, review products, direct them to interact on the brand’s popular posts, or invite them to participate in the brand’s curated social media game , so that consumers’ favorability and recognition of the brand are improved, and they voluntarily become product promotion ambassadors. This kind of “word-of-mouth” marketing can often lead to higher sales and repurchase rates than traditional paid advertising.

3.Personalized packaging, exclusive consumer aesthetics in the new era

The continuous change of new food brands and new packaging has led to the fierce battle in the competitive market from the small supermarket shelves to the entire e-commerce platform. As diners’ first impression of food, packaging is sometimes more recognizable than the food itself, so how to promote consumption through “personalized packaging”?

1、Custom Packaging – The Client’s Creative Canvas

Among all the packaging methods, there is nothing better than providing “customized service” to meet the strong individual needs of consumers.

Personalization and customization are an important trend in the future. According to consumer preferences, we can customize packaging with company characteristics that are completely different from those on the market. Serialized packaging can become the company’s characteristics, so that consumers can know at a glance that this packaging is. The company’s products, let the packaging become the company’s image logo.

2、Popular trends – the hottest packaging design at the moment

The personalization of wholesale food containers packaging should not stop at customized services. Good design can arouse consumers’ desire for new products and persuade them to reach out to products.

Minimalist packaging. A lot of blank space and a simple product introduction, as shown in the picture below, directly conveys the information of the clear product, and abandons the tradition of messy marketing terms for coffee bags, which is refreshing.

Minimalist packaging

Minimalist packaging

Transparent packaging. Although not the latest packaging trend, transparent design has been hot in the packaging market. Especially driven by the “big health” environment, more and more healthy foods need to use this method to let the products speak for themselves, and consumers can see the original appearance of things at a glance.

Transparent packaging

Transparent packaging

Retro packaging. If your product has a long history or a special meaning, vintage packaging fits the tone.

Retro packaging

Retro packaging

Shaped packaging. Not all products can only be placed in square boxes, and different sizes and shapes often give products a unique look.

Research shows that wholesale food containers packaging personalization can increase product marketing revenue by up to 15%. Most of the time, young people see brands as real people and seek a closer and more meaningful relationship with their favorite brands, which is why personalized packaging is so popular.

If a brand can meet the needs of target customers while telling a story that matches its values, then this group of customers will not only repurchase the brand’s products, but also unconsciously share the brand’s philosophy when interacting with others, achieving excellent marketing Effect.

If you want to get more information about package customization, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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