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6 Common Incorrect Wholesale Kitchen Storage Steps

6 Common Incorrect Wholesale Kitchen Storage Steps-Dowell

For years, we have been told to store food in Wholesale Kitchen Storage refrigerators and freezers. This is no longer a great practice for many reasons, but one of them is that in the long run, it may cause problems.

Speaking of Wholesale Kitchen Storage, we all have bad habits. But with a little awareness and great perseverance, you can easily avoid these traps.

In a world where food is often perishable and perishable, we know how important it is to store food correctly. But what happens when we put things into storage by mistake?

If you want to avoid wasting food, what should you remember?

We know that not all foods are born equal, so we have a few steps you can follow to ensure that you make the most of your food storage and avoid wasting time, money and ingredients.

In this blog, we will learn about the 10 common wrong food storage steps that many of us do, and how to avoid them.


1. Store food they don’t like

Not satisfied with the food he ate

Wholesale Kitchen Storage Supplier


One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting food in the Wholesale Kitchen Storage cupboard, which is unattractive to them, they have never tasted it, or they are unfamiliar with it.

This is the most common mistake I have seen. I will probably mention beans and rice in this article. This is an example. You should replace it with something in your mind.

If you want to go out, everyone says to reserve some beans and rice. Beans and rice are good because they are cheap and durable. Nonsense nonsense

You go out to buy beans and rice, but you don’t know how to cook them, you don’t know whether your family likes them, and you don’t know how to deal with them. You may have wasted a lot of money.

You shouldn’t store food you don’t like. It’s time to spend $5 on beans and rice, learn how to cook, and check some recipes you know online. And find different ways, you can fold it into the menu.

If you haven’t, you can decide whether it’s worth hoarding, whether you can let your children eat it, or whether you can let your spouse eat it.

Don’t focus on the food that others say you can hoard. Instead, focus on the food you eat and like now, because these are the food you need to hoard.

2. Don’t rotate their food reserves

Canned food in Wholesale Kitchen Storage

Wholesale Kitchen Storage Suppliers


The second mistake I often see is that people don’t rotate food. If you’re just starting, it’s a good idea to buy 10 cans of tuna. Buy 10 cans of tuna in two weeks, and make sure to put them behind the first 10 cans or anything left, because this is the first of the first methods.

Before using the products you just bought, you should first use the products you bought first, and pay attention to the best buy date or expiration date to ensure that they do not deteriorate. By doing so, it can help you rotate your food properly.

Recently, someone asked me a question. They went to the store and bought 10 cans of tuna. They saw it on the Wholesale Kitchen Storage shelf and decided to buy another 10. They noticed that the date of the new best buy was earlier than the date of the last purchase, so you should track this to see if you need to check the expiration date before buying.

I know it looks hard, but it’s actually easy. When you put it away, just look at it and you will know which one to use first.

If you continue to buy 10 cans of tuna, the first time you buy them in a year is behind, they won’t be good. That’s why you have to rotate this.

Make sure you record the first one you buy in front and the last one you buy in the back, and rotate them.

It’s important that you get into the habit of doing this instead of just throwing it into the cupboard. Make sure you organize it and make sure it’s in the right place. OK, let’s put it aside.

3. Store food with inappropriate temperature

Store food in the Wholesale Kitchen Storage refrigerator

Wholesale Kitchen Storage Factories


Temperature is the third incorrect food storage step I saw.

The factors that are not conducive to food storage are light, temperature and moisture, so if you talk about Wholesale Kitchen Storage, the common theme is light, temperature and moisture. They say you should put it in a dark, cool and dry Wholesale Kitchen Storage

Now we don’t have air conditioning in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Florida. There is humidity, heat and no air conditioning. Many people ask, what should I do?

It’s not that you can’t eat it, but it won’t last as long as you want. As long as the jar is not sealed, it should be OK. With the increase of calories, the nutritional value tends to decline.

When extreme temperatures are involved, you must pay attention to your food storage containers to ensure that they remain sealed. This plays an important role.

Heat will make things swell, and it will really play a role in your food storage containers, no matter what they are, whether you are a home cannery or you buy most things from a store, or whether you have something in a five gallon bucket

Theoretically, the best temperature for storing food is between 50 and 70 degrees.

When it comes to the temperature game, what’s worse is whether it’s a constant 90 degrees or a constant 80 degrees? The temperature from 30 to 80 is worse for your food than when it is kept at 80.

Now I’ve seen 42 degrees, but let’s round it. OK, 50 to 70, 75 degrees is the best temperature for the food you want.

If you can’t maintain this state because you don’t have air conditioning, you will have to add the content you need to pay attention to.

It’s not that it will go bad, but you need to make sure it remains sealed, closed, and you may need to rotate it faster, because the nutritional value may be affected.

Therefore, temperature is a very important issue in food storage.

4. Not storing enough liquid to recover their food

Pour water into a Wholesale Kitchen Storage bowl

Wholesale Kitchen Storage Manufacturers


Fourth, there is not enough liquid stored to reorganize your food.

Let’s go back to beans and rice. You can’t make rice without a certain liquid, beans without a certain liquid, and instant mashed potatoes without a certain liquid., Therefore, many different long-term stored foods need this liquid to eat.

It is important to have water on hand. So you can store 100 pounds of beans and 100 pounds of rice in a Wholesale Kitchen Storage, but you’d better have 100 gallons of water with them, or there’s a way to make the liquid with them.

Many times, when you make many cans at home, a liquid is produced by the product you are canning, or added to the product you are canning. So when you use something that needs to be reconstituted, this liquid plays a great role.

If you are making beans and rice and you want to put some ground beef in it, you can take the liquid out of the jar, pour it on the beans and rice, and then add it.

So you know there are different things you can use the liquid in the Wholesale Kitchen Storage bottle. Ideally, you should make sure you have water, so the rule of thumb is always at least a gallon per person per day.

Therefore, make sure to store enough liquid to recover the food you put in the food cabinet.

5. Don’t add condiments and spices to the food they store

Different types of spices

Fifth, condiments and condiments. Beans and rice will taste bad without other ingredients. If they don’t have rice reserves, if they don’t have spices, if they don’t have condiments, then they will soon become bored.

If you add different spices and condiments, you can make many different meals with the same basic ingredients. Look at your condiments and condiments, and see how much you need to add to your stored food to change the taste. Use them to make it taste better.

You can also do some things, such as making mustard by yourself. It’s very simple to make mustard by yourself. As long as you have some ingredients, you can do it. Mustard can turn a lot of different foods into a better meal.

But you should pay attention to those things that expire quickly. Mayonnaise, magic whip and salad dressing all have a certain Wholesale Kitchen Storage life. You really need to pay attention to their Wholesale Kitchen Storage temperature.

Therefore, you should make sure that no matter where you store food, it is the safest, and the temperature control is the strictest. Condiments and spices are necessary for delicious food, so look at what you have in your fridge and cupboard today, what you can store for a long time, what you can do from scratch, and make sure to put some of them aside.6.Not Having Enough Food Variety

6.Different kinds of food reserves

Sixth, there is no variety of food. Diversity is the spice of life. It’s really important. There is something called food fatigue. If you have never felt it before, please bless your heart.

This is great, because I think most people don’t know how serious food fatigue is. This is very real, very serious, it will actually make you sick.If you eat a baked potato every day next month, I can almost guarantee that by the 10th day you will say “I can’t eat another baked potato”. By the 20th day, if someone puts a baked potato in front of you, you will actually start to feel sick.

Diversity is the spice of life. Especially in food storage. You need to provide all kinds of food for your family, especially your children, to avoid “food fatigue”. Because children suffer from food fatigue faster than others.

For example, if you have to base every meal on beans and rice, you have to make sure you have such diversity, and you have to make sure you have ways to change it from today on. Ideally, you don’t want to eat beans and rice every day today. Instead, you want to eat scalloped potatoes or stuffing, or you want something else.

It’s good to have all kinds of food in your pantry. I’m not talking about eating 30 different meals with different ingredients. You just need to make sure that you don’t have any real redundancy when cooking and serving.


I believe these are just the six most common Wholesale Kitchen Storage food mistakes I often see. I hope they can let you take a closer look at your pantry, look at your pantry, and see what you can do to fill these gaps and solve these problems in advance.

Remember to buy only what you eat, eat what you buy, remember to turn it around, eat the oldest first, and remember to keep Wholesale Kitchen Storage at the most uniform temperature you can maintain.

Remember, there must always be some liquid to reorganize the food, condiments and spices that need it. You really need to know them and make sure there are all kinds.

When it comes to storage, size is important, so buy a 50 pound flour bag, but break it down into a small amount and put it in a suitable storage container to ensure that the container is food safe and stored properly. Make sure you have extended staples to make sure you don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.

Last but not least, speed, ease and comfort are very important in times of great pressure. I hope you like this post.

I’d like to know if you have any concerns about the long-term Wholesale Kitchen storage of food?

If you have other ideas,you are free to contact us→Dowell

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