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Cleverly Wholesale Kitchen Storage to Save Space

The kitchen is the most life-like place in the home. All kinds of seasonings, fresh ingredients of different colors, and the placement of pots and pans all show the life taste, and mood of the kitchen owner. But the kitchen is also a notoriously difficult place to clean up in the home.Wholesale kitchen storage is a good idea to help everyone to reset the kitchen.

The space is small and there are many things. I don’t know how to organize it? Now I will share with you a few practical storage tips, which can free up some space and easily store some small items, making the kitchen more tidy and generous, and making you feel better when you enter the kitchen.

Before organizing, we need to organize all the movable things in the kitchen first. The things in each area are classified according to the four criteria of like, dislike, commonly used, and not commonly used. If you don’t like and don’t use it, you can throw it away directly. If you like and use it, you should put it in a convenient location.

If you don’t like but you use it often, you can consider replacing it with something you like. After all, you will feel much better when you cook, and you can store those you like but don’t use often. After all the things are put in place, it is necessary to feel whether it is reasonable according to the usage habits, and see if the items need to be fine-tuned.

If there is a gap in the lower cabinet at home, you can put a plastic bag storage box to take advantage of the unnoticed space.

Sorting is definitely not just as simple as throwing things, sorting is also logical, so as wholesale kitchen storage.

Don’t rush to wholesale kitchen storage supplies first, you must have a general understanding and planning of the overall space before purchasing, you must have a global concept, and you must have a clear plan for each area.

The high part of the cabinet is more suitable for storing some items that are not used usually. These items are sorted and put into a large sorting box, which is easy to find and take.

Principle of vertical placement:

Plates, ingredients, etc., should not be stacked as much as possible but should be placed vertically, so that not only can they be easily taken, but it will not happen that the ingredients placed below cannot see the sun.

Separate packaging of ingredients:

For ingredients, buy ingredients in small packages as much as possible, and then throw away unnecessary packaging. Unpacked ingredients can be stored and organized in uniform-sized sealed bags, sealed jars, and other storage appliances, which are not only hygienic It also looks obvious.


Let the food flow:

What if you buy a large package of ingredients, or if someone gives you something that you obviously can’t eat? The answer is to give away. Giving different ingredients to friends in need also avoids waste.


Wall storage:

If you don’t like too many things on the countertop, the organizer’s suggestion is to put them on the wall, but as mentioned before, not everything is suitable for the wall, generally speaking, pot covers, chopping boards, etc., can be installed on the wall with a hole-free appliance.

wholesale kitchen storage

Uniform color:

When buying storage products, try to buy uniform colors, the same brand, and sometimes just replacing the storage products at home with uniform colors can have a good finishing effect.


1. Shelf is a good helper

This wholesale kitchen storage black shelf is used on the kitchen wall. The shelf is simple and generous, and can easily store some small items, which is very neat and orderly. If you feel that your kitchen utensils are messy, you might as well install this kind of shelf on the wall. The shelf is simple and elegant, and can easily store some kitchen utensils. There are still many types of racks, and there is this rack that can store knives, which is more convenient for daily use.


2. Hooks and organizations to help you

If you don’t want to install wholesale kitchen storage shelves in the kitchen, you might as well fix some wholesale kitchen storage hooks on the wall. You can use this storage bag to easily store some vegetables and fruits so that you can use the wall space well and store it when not in use. up, without affecting the cleanliness of the interior.

Storage hook

3. Plant stands are also a good option

Wholesale kitchen storage of this kind of plant rack is also very popular now. This Wholesale kitchen storage rack is very innovative and creative, and it is very flexible to use. It can easily store a variety of items, and can also be combined and placed at will. This kind of shelf is simple and elegant, and it also greatly facilitates daily sanitation, making the kitchen look more neat and generous.


4. What should I do if I don’t know where to put the electrical appliance?

If the area of ​​the kitchen is relatively large, you might as well install this wholesale kitchen storage aluminum alloy shelf on the wall. The wholesale kitchen storage shelf is simple and generous, which can make good use of the wall space of the kitchen and easily store some small items, making the kitchen more tidy and neat.

This rack is very delicate and compact, and the storage capacity is still very strong. This kind of aluminum alloy rack is still very good, the load-bearing capacity is very strong, it can accommodate some large electrical appliances, and it is very convenient for daily use. There are also some hooks under the rack, which can easily store some small kitchen utensils. There are also some combined shelves below, which can store some kitchen utensils and seasonings, which are very convenient for daily access.

kitchen storage cart with wheels

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