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We are committed to providing safe, portable, efficient, and sustainable green energy led lights to global customers.

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Dowell is a professional wholesale led light product supplier in Ningbo, China. Since 2004, we have developed all kinds of sub-categories under the LED light range, such as Flashlight, Work light, Headlamp, Garden light, Home use light, Solar light, Bicycle light, Camping lantern, and more. Now, our factory passes all kinds of audits such as BSCI, WCA, ISO9001 and our products are selling worldwide with certificates needed for export.

Focusing on professional OEM & ODM services for wholesale LED solar light, lashlight, work light, head flashlight, and bike light. We can efficiently meet the needs of supermarkets, wholesalers, brand owners and e-commerce customers, etc. In the past 17 years, we have helped 900+ importers wholesale led lights from China.


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Dowell has been supplying led light products.  We partner with businesses to customize innovative power and sustainability solutions based on our years of experience as a market leaders. We work hard to stay ahead of the changing energy landscape and growing demands.

Dowell has a standard led lamp production line, import, and export priority, and the expertise of the management, development, manufacturing, and marketing teams. Our led lights have been exported to more than 30 countries and have received very positive responses from the market and customers, and are committed to providing safe, portable, efficient, and sustainable green energy led lights to global customers.

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