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Help you find best quality pet supplies manufactures with bulk wholesale price.
We would like to be your sourcing agent for all types of pet products.

Pet Supplies Wholesale Supplier

In order to meet market demand, our professional pet supplies team has collected various pet supplies from more than 3,000 Chinese factories, including pet toys, pet bowls, pet beds, pet clothing, pet collars, pet grooming, etc.

Dowell will be your trusted sourcing agent in China with 23 years of experience. We can find the best price Chinese factories for you, improve your product profit, and let you know more about the cooperative factory, follow up the production, ensure the quality, and shipping in time, solve all your import problems. Our professional design team can also provide a variety of private label solutions, allowing you to further differentiate yourself from competitors.

Pet Supplies Wholesale

Any Products You Want. We Can All Help You Wholesale From China.

Cat Scratchers Wholesle Supplier

Wholesale Outdoor Frisbee Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Massage Brush Wholesle Supplier

Multi-functional Pet Travel Water Bottle Supplier

Wholesale Interactive Pull Rope Toy Set

Turntable Cat Toy Supplier

Food Dispensing Frisbee Toy Supplier

Derachabke Dog Lick Mat Company

Wholesale Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

Catnip Toy Sourcing Agent

China Pet Supplies Supplier

China Pet Supplies Supplier

Dowell is leading sourcing agent in China, over 1200 staffs, have 20000m² warehouse and 10000m² showroom. In the past 23 years, we have established stable cooperation with 10,000+ quality factories. We served 1500+ supermarket, wholesaler, retailer, etc.

As a qualified pet supplies sourcing agent, we ensure compliance with the safety, reliability and the performance tests and chemical requirements for contact materials and product testing and other testing requirements, the production process safety and risk assessment requirements, as well as corporate ethics and social responsibility assessment requirements.

Want to Connect with 5,500+ Pet Supplies Suppliers?

Let Dowell help you find best pet supplies suppliers, help you negotiate, follow-up production, inspect quality and arrange export & shipping.

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