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2022 Best Item from China Wholesale Shoe Storage Importer

If you are a shoe storage importer, you might keep thinking from last 2021 to now 2022. Let’s talk about this question briefly today.

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As a professional shoe storage importer, we have to admit that shoe storage is not a product you will be very excited about when you buy it, but when you are ready to go out to work in the morning or just get home from work in the evening, it often affects your first feeling of home.

Sometimes when you get home from a busy day, you find that the shoes, boots and sneakers at the door are messy at the door, or you search under the cabinet for a long time before you go out to work, which often has a great impact on your feeling of the beginning and end of the whole day. At the same time, you certainly don’t want your own parda high heels or Jordan’s basketball shoes to mess around.

Therefore, shoe storage is not only an indoor decoration but also a necessary product for the daily home. If you have great shoe storage, imagine that the place where you put your shoes will be very clean and tidy, and it will also save your shoes from taking up space in your home. This will undoubtedly have a very positive impact on your daily home life.


What might be the 2022 best item from China’s wholesale shoe storage importer?

The most suitable shoe rack naturally depends on your target customer’s needs and aesthetics. Fortunately, there are a large number of shoe racks to choose from to adapt to all indoor atmospheres. If you have a closet or space for your shoes under the stairs, you can find a higher shelf and put most of your shoes there.

For the corridor, we recommend that you use the classic two-layer shoe rack to place your daily sneakers (which means our trusted white sneakers and a strange pair of running shoes for our fitness courses or daily home exercises) so that there is space above to hang your outer sleeve and handbag. There are many shorter versions at the bottom of the wardrobe so you can make the most of the space there.


To be honest, we bet you’ll even have room to buy more shoes when you tidy up the shoe rack. So here are the best shoe racks we’ve chosen – from sustainable bamboo and wood shoe racks to smooth, simple steel shoe racks so that you can properly showcase your collection.

The following items are our very recommended 2022 best items from China’s wholesale shoe storage importer that are sold very well recently.


This shoe rack is made of plastic. The white frame and transparent cover plate can let you clearly see the position of each pair of shoes. At the same time, the cover plate can also prevent your shoes from falling gray. The space between grids can be assembled freely and flexibly, and can perfectly adapt to every corner of your home, such as the space under the corridor or stairs. The white shoe rack can not only make your shoes clean and tidy but also adapt to the decoration style of most families!


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Shoe Storage Importer

Best Wholesale  shoe storage Cart Importer

Item Weight ‎4.84 pounds

Product Dimensions ‎31.5 x 11.8 x 31.5 inches

Color ‎Black

Style ‎4

Material ‎Metal





If you are renting a house and you like to change the layout of your home to clean up your room, this shoe rack cart with wheels must be the most suitable for your needs. It is composed of very strong metal pipes and flexible wheels so that you can move its position back and forth at will. For the more traditional shoe rack without wheels, it is very troublesome to move. At the same time, each layer is composed of a non-woven fabric group, which is very easy to clean and prevents shoes from soiling on the shoe rack.

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Many family rooms may not have much space for a separate shoe rack, so you may need this 7-Tier shoe rack, which has 7-Tier storage space. If you don’t have enough shoes on the top floor, you can even put some flowerpots, photo albums and other decorations to add some color to your house.

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The above are some of the shoe storage products we briefly recommend, which are very popular recently and have great potential to become popular models in 2022. If you are interested, please contact us to get more recommendations for relevant products!

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