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6 Wise Wholesale Shoe Storage Tips

For most families, there are too many shoes, and the small shoe cabinet is simply not enough; especially when the seasons change, the hostess’s various boots are even more difficult to organize. Wholesale Shoe Storage tips will help you!
Today I bring seven tips for storing shoes, hoping to make everyone no longer worry about how to put them in the face of many shoes at home.

1. Cleverly use the space behind the door for wholesale shoe storage

If you find that the shoe cabinet space at home is not enough, don’t ignore the space behind the door. Hanging storage bags and shoe racks can also expand a new space for storing shoes. A shoe rack is added behind the door, which is neatly stored in rows and easy to access.


wholesale shoe storage

2. PVC pipe wholesale shoe storage

Haven’t thought about it, in fact, sometimes a modified tube can also help you! Cut the PVC pipe into several small sections of the same length, paste them together with glue, and build them into layers as required.
You can also use spray paint stickers to beautify such a PVC tube shoe rack according to your creativity, and you are not afraid of how many shoes you buy. You can easily find the shoes you want to wear, saving a lot of time rummaging through boxes. According to your own needs, you can base as high as you want, so you don’t have to complain that there is no place to put your shoes.

shoe rack

3. Triangular cardboard box wholesale shoe storage

If you can’t find PVC pipes, you can also use cardboard boxes at home, fold them into triangles, and glue them together layer by layer. You can also make a simple shoe rack.

4. Shoebox wholesale shoe storage

If there are a lot of shoes at home that are not worn due to the changing seasons, a large part of them should be stored in shoe boxes. But the bad thing about shoeboxes is that you don’t remember which pair of shoes are in which box. Every time I have to rummage through the box. Here’s a little trick! You can print out a photo of the shoe, stick it on the shoe box, or use a marker to mark what shoes are inside. It will be very convenient to find it next time!

5. Wall creative wholesale shoe storage

Put shoes on the wall, beautiful shoes can also become a special decoration. The following special wall shoe racks, one by one colored plastic boxes, can be glued to the wall. The positional color is created as you play. After the shoes are put on, there is a gap between the sole and the wall, and the wall will not be easily stained. A long hanger is nailed on the wall, and every pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes can be put on it~ Who said that the hook can only hang clothes, and the shoes can also be put up.

Beautiful high-heeled shoes are about to show off. They are very suitable for hanging on a trellis and perforated boards. At a glance, the placement of shoes is artistic!


6. Vertical wholesale shoe storage

In addition to special coat racks, there are also special vertical shoe racks now, so you are no longer afraid of too many shoes, and you can hang them all up.

There are a lot of shoes at home, so be sure to pack them well. Don’t press the bottom of the box and wait for it to get moldy and smelly~Click here to get more useful storage tips.

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