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How Can You Find A Good Yiwu Agent – Dowell

Having been engaged in the Yiwu export business since 1997, I am pretty sure that this how-to find a good Yiwu Agent article can help buyers make the right decision and appoint suitable Yiwu Agents for their business from the start.-Dowell

You need a serious and trustworthy Yiwu Agent

Yiwu Agenrt

A conscientious, trustworthy Yiwu Agent, through the following filtering, can always remain:

Now almost every Yiwu Agent has a website. Some Yiwu Agents even have many. A website is a great way to understand the people behind it. This is the only way you can get the information before you contact anyone.

You should be careful:

# 1 A talking trash Yiwu Agent

These Yiwu Agents usually say on their website that they are “top 1” or “top 3”, “number 1,”  “best…………,” ” the most…” Official ” Yiwu general Yiwu Agent.

Let me show you two extreme cases:

One Yiwu Agent has retained an average of only 1.5 employees since 2009, claiming on their website as “TOP 3” Yiwu Agent.

Another Yiwu Agent that claims to be the “official Yiwu Agent of the Yiwu market” has nothing to do with the official company of Yiwu market.

The Yiwu market is built by the local government and operated by CCCC Group. Only the CCC group can say that they officially operate the Yiwu market. Other Yiwu Agent have nothing to do with the “Yiwu market official website”

When these Yiwu Agent attracted eyeballs and talk nonsense everywhere, but also lost trust.

# 2 A promising miracle Yiwu Agent

Many Yiwu Agents say they only charge a 1% commission or offer free services, cars, and everything. Or they cleverly say “as low as 1% commission”.(Very misleading.)

This is too bad for Yiwu’s entire export agency business. I mentioned this in the Yiwu agency commission rate before.1% is incredibly good. Even the largest Yiwu Agent charges a 3% fee, which includes plenty of “but” and “if.”

When serving, people are very important. These companies that offer better opportunities and salaries often have better, more experienced employees. All of your work will be done by the staff member. Not the general manager or the boss.

If a company can’t make a reasonable profit, it can’t offer low pay, then it can’t keep good employees. Changing staff quickly is a disaster for the service agency business.

With the most experienced, most professional staff resources of the longest company can become the best Yiwu Agent in Yiwu.

# 3 Yiwu Agent without rules

Many Yiwu Agent have no clear and direct way about their service and fees, but just want you to contact them or chat with them.

It’s a waste of your time. Of course, if you waste some time on one person, you will not have the same time on another. You are only about 24 hours a day.

Usually, these people who make all the services and terms clear from the start have a better “sense of rules” than those who say nothing and just want you to discuss with them.

Believe it or not, many Yiwu Agents in Yiwu, whether as a company or as an individual, do not have any regulations.

The company adds extra costs to its customers, and its employees earn rebates from their suppliers. Of course, it’s the customer who ultimately pays for all the bills…

# 4 Yiwu Agents who take shortcuts

If a website has enough respect for its visitors, it should be very careful about what they say on the web page. Provide as much information as possible in a responsible manner.

If you find a site that just puts a lot of “junk,” please copy and paste someone else’s work on their site, or just change it slightly here or there. You already know what kind of people are behind you.

Are you ready to give your business to this “get-rich shortcut” Yiwu Agent? I guess not!

Given this, you can filter out a lot of noise, so it’s time to pick some and talk:

=== Contact some of them for the ===

# 1 How do they respond?

Here, of course, you will have different ways to determine if someone is right for you. Do they honestly tell them about what they can do? Can they communicate well by email? Did they do it?…

# 2 Seek references from their website

Some companies now publicly cite them on their websites. Great to see what other customers say about them. But you need to see if the comments are true.

You can ask them to provide contact information about the customers who wrote them comments and look for up.

I bet you have more methods here, so let’s jump to the next step.

=== Visit them and travel with them ===

Check their website and talk to them through the above 2 steps. Now it’s an important step: visit them to find out.

 Here is my advice: always choose two or three potential Yiwu Agents instead of one! Meet with them and talk to them. One day walk into the market with them. Then point to the winner.

By meeting with them and walking with them, you will clearly understand whether they follow what they said on the website and what they had previously told you in the email.

After a day in the market (just to browse the market), you will see who seems to care more about you and who gives you the extra cost.

=== Let them show themselves. ===

Do you need to find out who this person is? Which company do you deal with?

 Ask them to show their ID cards.

Check out the Chinese names on their business cards. Not just the English name. You can find thousands of Jack, Julie, Lisa, or Mike……

These aren’t their real names. If Jack runs away with your money. You call the Chinese Police:

——《 “Yiwu Jack took my money and ran away.”

– “Sorry, we don’t know Jack, our system only has Chinese names”


Check their business license, tax registration, company ID, and copy to ensure they are legally registered in Yiwu / Zhejiang / China. Not in Hong Kong, or on a small island. The Chinese police won’t go that far for your $200,000 crime report. of course.

After completing the above steps, I am sure that you are very close to a trustworthy, conscientious, and reliable Yiwu Agent. hail ~

 You need a professional and experienced Yiwu Agent

Trust comes first, and experience and expertise will come second.

Many Yiwu Agents claim they can purchase thousands of different products from you from Yiwu. This is true. But can they make thousands of different products well? That’s a big question mark.

Yiwu Agents exporting large numbers of plastic containers are meaningless when needing QC jewelry is “nickel-free”. Yiwu Agents shipping hundreds of containers to the United States does not mean they know enough about customs requirements in Croatia or Fiji.

You had better find a dealer specializing in your products, or at least be familiar with your product type. These people will eventually have more confidence in the QC. They can also talk to the supplier before placing an order. They learn from their mistakes.

Also because they are more experienced with a certain product type, they are more familiar with the supplier. They may know which supplier can deliver on their promises, and which supplier may end up providing only air.


 You need a Yiwu Agent with sufficient facilities

Trust first, experience and expertise second, and facility third. No one can work miracles.

For Yiwu Agents in Yiwu, the two most important facilities are offices and warehouses.

In Yiwu, a good office is one close to the market. Almost every day, the agency staff need to go to the market. Being close to the market means workers don’t have to take a bus or get into traffic jams. It makes their life much easier. They can also improve your productivity.

The warehouse must be spacious.

Consider the fact that sometimes the product needs to be repackaged or thoroughly examined. Without sufficient space, this work would not be possible.

Another good warehouse should be very easy to load into containers. If the fragile items are carried to the cabinet door every time. These fragile cartons have a risk of falling off.

Of course, this is very easy to find in Yiwu. You can go to their office for 10 minutes in the morning, and then go to their warehouse for another 10 minutes after a market visit.



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