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As a professional Yiwu sourcing agent in China Yiwu international trade city, Dowell helps foreign importers source a wide variety of products from various suppliers for more than 20 years. Furthermore, we will provide order arranging and tracking, product quality controlling, Inspection Carrying out, Cargo in a warehouse for turnover, container loading, and customs declaration delivery of the container to the port onto the vessel. 

Our one-stop service will be your senior choice to supply cost-effective plan and process. Contact us now!

· Quick Response: 5 minutes drive to Yiwu market 

· Strong Supply Capacity: 5,000+ kinds of Yiwu products 

· 20+ Years Experience: Cooperate with 20,000+ Yiwu suppliers 

· live Selection Service If you could not visit Yiwu

Why Dowell Is The Best Yiwu Agent In China?

6,000+ Cooperation Factories

Dowell has a deep and well cooperation relationship with more than 6000+ booth owners and direct wholesale factories, so Dowell can offer our customers with suitable products and competitive prices.

Free Translation Service

In Yiwu market, most sellers cannot speak English, so it is necessary to choose translators to assist in communication. We can help you arrange translator who speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic..

Currency Exchange

We are here to provide currency exchange service.You can get your money exchanged there easily.
The rate is also very reasonable.

20+ Years Experience

If you are interest on the products, we can make market research and analysis for you, we will let you know which items are good selling in the market and what is new, etc.

Free Warehouse Storage

Collect all goods in our warehouse
Check all quantity and quality
Make sure outer carton not easy to broken during transportation
Make sure no missing goods

380,000+ Items Online Showroom

Due to COVID-19, many of importers may not come to Yiwu for sourcing. We have more than 380,000+ items for our clients to select in our showroom. If you have requirements, we can also provide live broadcasts in the Yiwu market.

How We Help You Wholesale From Yiwu Market?

Step 1:

We pick up customers from airport or bus & train station or from hotel.  (If you can’t come to China, we can also serve online)

Step 2:
Yiwu Market Guide

We will have 3 experienced staffs who are very familiar with market. One making record,one taking photos and one getting samples.

Step 3:
Bargain With Booth

Our professional staff help customer fight price with booth.

Step 4:
Order Confirmation

We make record for each of customer’s detailed requirement and pass to the factory

Step 5:
Warehouse Facility

Collect the goods in our own warehouse.

Step 6:
Quality Control

We inspect each item carefully in ourwarehouse.

Step 7:

Load the goods and ship out. 

Step 8:
After-sales Service

Since it’s not easy for customer come to china, so we keep recommending new items to customer.

Wholesale Yiwu Products From Yiwu Market

We can help you import wholesale goods from Yiwu market, not limited to what you see on our website.

Beauty & Personal Care

Stationery & Office Supplies

arts and crafts supplier

Arts & Crafts

Packaging & Printing

Cleaning Supplies

Home Appliance

Security & Protection

Holiday Gifts

Sports & Games

wholesale outdoor products

Outdoor Products

garden tools supplier

Garden Supplies

OEM hardware

Hardware & Tools

fashion accessories supplier

Fashion Accessories

Yiwu International Trade Market Guide

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Yiwu Market District 1

The Yiwu market size of district 1 is 10,000 ㎡. There are more than 8,000 Yiwu market suppliers. The average daily flow of passengers in the market has reached 80,000, and the product export rate has exceeded 70%. 

First floor: Yiwu artificial flowers market, flower accessories, Yiwu toys market
Second floor:  headwear, Yiwu jewelry market
Third floor: Yiwu christmas market, festive crafts, decoration crafts, porcelain crystals, tourism crafts, photo frames
Fourth floor: direct sales center of handicrafts, ornaments, flowers, production enterprises

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Yiwu Market District 2

Yiwu market district 2 covers a size of more than 600,000 ㎡, with 8,000+ Yiwu market suppliers. The “China Commodity City Centralized Shopping Center” with a total area of about 4800 ㎡ is installed on the second and third floors of the central hall. 
First floor: luggage, poncho, raincoat, packing bag
Second floor: Yiwu hardware market, accessories, locks, Yiwu electronics market, vehicle products
Third floor: kitchen & bathroom hardware, Yiwu kitchenware market, small household appliances, telecommunications equipment, clocks, electronic instruments
Fourth floor: hardware tools, outdoor products and electrical, factory direct sales
Fifth Floor: Foreign Trade Organization

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Yiwu Market District 3

The construction size of the district 3 of Yiwu market is 460,000 ㎡. The main market has 6,000+ Yiwu market suppliers on the 1-3 floors, more than 650 product showrooms of 50 ㎡ or more on the 4-5 floors, and 8,000+ commercial houses. The following is the specific map of the Yiwu market product:

First floor: glasses, pen and ink supplies, paper products
Second floor: Yiwu stationery market, sporting goods, sports equipment
Third floor: Yiwu cosmetics market, beauty tools, zippers and buttons, clothing accessories
Fourth floor: direct sales center of cosmetics, clothing accessories and cultural and sports goods manufacturers
Fifth Floor: Painting Industry, International Trade City Import Commodity Pavilion

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Yiwu Market District 4

The district 4 of the Yiwu market cover an size of 1.08 million m², with more than 16,000 Yiwu market suppliers and 20,000+ commercial entities. The infrastructure service facilities on the market are very powerful and can meet the various needs of business operators and buyers. 

First floor: hosiery, leggings
Second floor: Yiwu daily necessities, gloves, hats, other needle cotton
Third floor: Yiwu shoes market, string, lace, tie, wool, towel
Fourth floor: belts, scarves, bras and underwear
Fifth Floor: Direct Sales Center of Manufacturing Enterprises, Painting Industry

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Yiwu Market District 5

District 5 of the Yiwu International Trade City covers an area of 266.2 acres, with a construction area of 640,000 m² and 7,000+ Yiwu market suppliers. It is a global commodity wholesale market with the highest level of national modernization and internationalization. 

First floor: Imported Commodities Pavilion, jewelry, daily necessities, Yiwu fabric market
Second floor: bedding, wedding supplies, DIY crafts
Third floor: knitted materials, curtains, textiles
Fourth floor: Yiwu car accessories market, pet supplies
Fifth floor: Internet service area

We provide strategic sourcing solutions for different types of our clients.

Brand Owner

· Customize your brand soul into products
· Close follow up orders in every step
· No concern on after sales

Import and Retailer

· Guarantee on-time delivery
· Exclusive selling right
· 6 months valid quotation

E-commerce Clients

· Recommend hot sales per week
· High quality pics and videos for free
· Process quality control win zero complaint


· Recommended global supermarket's best-selling products
· Find direct factories with your design drawings
· Strength of fast delivery

Want to Connect With 20,000+ Yiwu Suppliers?

Let Dowell help you find best Yiwu suppliers, help you negotiate, follow-up production, inspect quality and arrange export & shipping.

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