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The Ultimate Guide 2022: Best Yiwu Wholesale Market Sourcing Guide

Do you want to buy from the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities? Do you want to buy small quantities at wholesale prices?

Then China Yiwu Wholesale Market is your best choice!

“Yiwu – a national-level international trade city, providing you with high-quality suppliers”

Here, you can learn the skills of sourcing from Yiwu and how to deal with suppliers!  You can get import knowledge about Yiwu Wholesale Market. Now, follow my comprehensive guide to know about Yiwu Wholesale Market!

1. Introduction of Yiwu and Yiwu Trade City


1.1 Introduction of Yiwu

Yiwu Location manufacturer

Yiwu Location

Yiwu, known as “Wushang” in ancient times, is located in the central part of Zhejiang, and is known as “a sea of small commodities and a shopper’s paradise”. At present, the Yiwu wholesale market has an operating area of more than 5.5 million square meters and brings together more than 1.8 million kinds of commodities.

A variety of “Made in China” products are continuously delivered to more than 200 countries and regions around the world from here every day. Someone has calculated that if you stay in front of each booth for 3 minutes, it will take you more than a year to visit the entire market.


Weather Yiwu has a subtropical monsoon climate, mild and humid, with four distinct seasons and an average annual temperature of 17°C. The average climate is the highest in July, at 29.3 °C, and the lowest in January, with an average of 4.2 °C. The average annual precipitation is between 1100 and 1600 mm.

District Yiwu has a total area of 1105 square kilometers and has 8 districts and 6 towns under its jurisdiction.


1.2  Introduction of Yiwu Trade City

 Yiwu Wholesale Market Sourcing Guide

An Aerial View of Yiwu Trade City

When it comes to Yiwu City, it refers to the famous wholesale market “International Trade City”, or Futian Market. Historically, this market was small, and today with the development of Yiwu, it has become what you see now, a huge, modern, and international wholesale market. The market is divided into 5 districts, and Yiwu International Trade City is divided into five districts.

Among them, the first district deals with flowers, jewelry, accessories, etc., the second district deals with bags, umbrellas, hardware tools, accessories, etc., and the third district deal with pen and ink. Supplies, paper products, glasses, etc., the four districts deal in socks, daily necessities, gloves, etc., the five districts are mainly engaged in imported goods, bedding, textiles, etc. There are more than 100,000 exhibitors and more than 400,000 product categories.


2. Commodity Layout Location in the Trade City

The market is divided into 5 districts, covering an area of 5.5 million square meters for 75,000 booths, totally lasting 7km long.

All 5 districts are connected together with a corridor. You can walk through them in the same mall. Each district is specialized in a different product category where you or your  can find the products that fit your needs.


2.1 District 1 of International Trade Mart


Founded in October, 2001, the International Trade City Ⅰis officially put into operation on 22 October, 2002 which occupies 420 Mu and a building area of 340,000 m2 with a total investment of 700 million. There are more than 9000 booths and over 10500 business entities in total.


>The1st floor deals in flowers and toys,

>The 2nd floor for hair ornaments, jewelry accessories, you can also chose perfume from our friend Olio Lusso.

>The 3rd floor, mainly sells festival handicrafts, decorative handicrafts, porcelain & crystals, photo frames and components for accessories,

> The 4th floor are factory outlets.


Yiwu Mall Area 1 Products

Yiwu Mall Area 1 Products


Involving  Categories:

Artificial Flowers, Components for Artificial Flowers, Stuffed Toys, Ordinary Toys, Electric Toys, Inflatable Toys, Hair Ornament, Jewelry & Accessories, Festive Handicrafts, Decorative Handicrafts, Tourist Handicrafts, Photo Frames, Components for Accessories, Porcelain & Crystals.

The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 1 suppliers

The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 1


2.2 District 2 of International Trade Mart


Opened on 22 October, 2004, International Trade City Ⅱ (District F & G) occupies 483 Mu, over 600,000 m2 building area, above 8000 booths and the business entities exceed 10,000.


>The 1st floor deals in suitcases & bags, umbrellas, ponchos and packaging;

>The 2nd floor deals in hardware tools & fittings, electrical products, locks , and vehicles;

>The 3rd floor deals in kitchenware & sanitary ware, small household appliances, telecom apparatus, electronic instruments & equipment, watches & clocks , etc;

>The 4th floor is the manufacturer outlet center and other boutique trading areas;

>On the 5th floor, there is a sourcing & service center for foreign trade.

 Yiwu Mall Area 2 Products  Yiwu Mall Area 2 Products  Yiwu Mall Area 2 Products  Yiwu Mall Area 2 Products

 Yiwu Mall Area 2 Products

Involving Categories:

Umbrellas, Ponchos/ Packaging, Suitcase & Bags, Locksets, Products for Electrical Engineering, Hardware Tools & Fittings, Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware, Small Household Appliances, Telecommunication Equipment, Clocks & Watches, Electric Instrument , Photographic, Apparatus, Batteries, Lamps, Flashlights, Boutique Bags & Suitcases, Electronic Products, Hardware Electric Appliances.


The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 2 suppliers

The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 2


2.3 District 3 of International Trade Mart


The International Trade City Ⅲ(District H) has a 460,000 m2 building area, over 6000 standard booths of 14 m2 on floors 1-3, more than 650 booths of over 50 m2 on floors 4-5 and a manufacturer outlet center on the fourth floors.


> The 1st floor sells stationery and office supplies.

> The 2nd floor sells office supplies and stationery, as well as sporting goods.

> The 3rd floor mainly sells zippers, sporting goods, and other accessories, as well as a small selection of cosmetics.JustCBD

> The 4th floor sells cosmetics and beauty sections, as well as a small selection of clothing accessories.

> The 5th floor is a dedicated floor for the imported goods mall.

 Yiwu Mall Area 3 Products  Yiwu Mall Area 3 Products  Yiwu Mall Area 3 Products  Yiwu Mall Area 3 Products

 Yiwu Mall Area 3 Products

Involving Categories:

Spring Festival Pictures, Wall Calendars and Couplets, Pens & Ink/ Paper Products, Glasses, Sports Equipment, Sports and Leisure Products, Educational Toys, Buttons, Zippers, Clothing Accessories, Mirrors and Combs, Cosmetics, Auxiliary Materials and Parts, Cultural and Sports Goods, Office Supplies & Stationery, Printed Pictures.


The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 3 suppliers

The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 3


2.4 District 4 of International Trade Mart


The fourth district of the International Trade City started construction in October 2007, with a total construction area of 1.08 million square meters and more than 16,000 market stalls.


>The 1st floor sells socks and leggings

>The 2nd floor sells daily necessities, gloves, hats and other knitted and content goods;

>The 3rd floor sells shoes, threads, ropes, lace, ties, wool, and towels;

>The 4th floor sells bras, underwear, belts, scarves;

>The 5th floor is a factory outlet and a tourist shopping center.

Yiwu Mall Area 4 Products Yiwu Mall Area 4 Products Yiwu Mall Area 4 Products Yiwu Mall Area 4 Products


Yiwu Mall Area 4 Products

Involving Categories:

Leggings, Socks, Hats, Gloves and Mittens, Other Knitted and Cotton Goods, General Merchandise, Towels, Woolen Yarn, Neckties, Shoes, Lace, Threads & Strings, Bras & Underwear, Scarves, Belts, Printed Pictures.


The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 4 suppliers

The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 4


2.5 District 5 of International Trade Mart


International Trade City No. 5 was put into use on May 5, 2011. It covers an area of 266.2 mu, with a construction area of over 640,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.42 billion yuan. The market has five floors above ground and two floors underground, with more than 7,000 stalls.


>The 1st floor sells clothing, daily necessities-Loxa Beauty African products, jewelry and crafts, jewelry crafts, food, health care products.

>The 2nd floor sells bedding, Chinese knots, DIY crafts.

>The 3rd floor sells needles, knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics, and curtain fabrics.

>The 4th floor sells auto parts, auto and motorcycle parts, and auto supplies.

>The 5th floor sells online services.

Yiwu Mall Area 5 Products Yiwu Mall Area 5 Products Yiwu Mall Area 5 Products Yiwu Mall Area 5 Products

Yiwu Mall Area 5 Products

Involving Categories:

Food and Health Food, Clothes, Shoes, Hats, General Merchandise, Jewelry, Accessories and Handicrafts, African and ASEAN Products, Other Imports, Wedding Supplies, Bedding, DIY Handicrafts, Imported goods(Exhibition Center), Knitted Textiles, Raw Materials for Knitting, Curtain Fabric, Car Accessories, Automobile & Motorcycle Parts, Pet (Aquatic) Products, Commodities Distribution, E-commerce Service.


The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 5 suppliers

The Industry Layout of Yiwu Mart District 5


3. 4 Best Ways to Source Products from Yiwu Wholesale Market

Now that you have understood the layout of the obligatory wholesale market, how to purchase from the Yiwu wholesale market? Let’s start to understand the right strategy to get the best products from Yiwu Wholesale Market.


3.1 Know Your Needs

First of all, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the product you want to buy. Such as product material, size, function, etc. There are countless suppliers in the Yiwu wholesale market, and it is normal for some of them to be similar products. The same product has the same function and appearance, but different materials. So if you don’t know much about your item, you may end up with the wrong product you want.

Familiar with import regulations. It allows you to avoid some common problems at customs.

It is best to know the code of the item in advance. You can use it to understand commodity tax issues.


3.2 Find More Suppliers

Whether you are purchasing online or offline compulsory purchasing, I suggest that you compare as many suppliers’ quotations as possible and determine the best price through comparison. Take a closer look and you’ll see that suppliers of the same product category tend to be located in the same region, you just have to look around for similar suppliers and negotiate prices with them.


3.3 Find Translators and Professional Agency

If you want to discuss with a supplier how to manufacture, customize or develop your own branded products, it is best to find a translator or purchasing agent to help you communicate with the supplier. Effective and accurate communication is very important. The bottom line is that translation is only useful for communicating with suppliers and entering wholesale markets. If you want to buy in bulk and customize your products, you need a professional purchasing agency. Some purchasing companies can provide a one-stop service.


3.4 Use Gestures and Assistive Tools

Generally speaking, most wholesalers in the Yiwu wholesale market can only understand simple English words such as how much, price, cheap and good. If you find a product you like at the booth, please point it out with your finger. The supplier then uses a calculator to display the price in Chinese yuan. Market providers need to be aware that they only accept RMB and reject USD. Sellers can only communicate this simple way, so if you want to buy a small amount of inventory, you just pay cash and ship the item to the hotel.


4. 4 Points to Deal with Yiwu Wholesale Market Supplier

After selecting the product and finding the right channel, then the question comes? What should we pay attention to when dealing with market suppliers?


4.1 Choose a Professional Category Supplier

Most Yiwu wholesale market suppliers use a mixed sales model, while some only sell one category. If you’re looking for a specialist supplier, choose one that specializes in the categories of goods and other things they offer.


4.2 Confirm the Quality with Supplier

Be sure to check more! If you are buying on site, it is best to go to the warehouse to pick up the goods while confirming with the supplier to avoid problems such as damaged packaging, wrong color, and lack of quantity. Although most of the time the product you receive is what you see in the market.

When you’re ready to buy in bulk based on samples in the market, it’s best to make sure that the bulk product is also produced in the same and high quality as the sample product. It is best not to assume that you will receive the same product quality as a sample when buying in bulk. So, check again a little bit before shipping.


4.3 Don’t Be Afraid of Price Negotiations

Purchasing in Yiwu, haggling is a very normal phenomenon. When negotiating, the purchase price of different quantities of products will also be different. If you buy a large quantity, the supplier may offer you a certain discount, or even you can reduce the price by about 50%.

At the same time, it is also recommended that you go to different markets to talk with suppliers. During the negotiation process, you can obtain more favorable information, including agreeing to different price positioning of products, so as to obtain a clearer idea.


4.4 About Payment

Yiwugo provides you with six payment methods: Yiwugo balance, Alipay, WeChat, QQ, wallet, UnionPay and credit card, but if you go shopping in Yiwu, please remember to bring RMB, most suppliers only accept RMB.


5.What Services can Yiwu Agents Provide You?

  • Help you find the best supplier
  • Responsible for airport transfers, hotel reservations
  • Purchasing documents and signing contracts with suppliers
  • Yiwu wholesale market full translation service
  • Order records and order tracking
  • Control delivery time


6. 12 Things You Need to Know about Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Fair Opening Ceremony company

Yiwu Fair Opening Ceremony

Yiwu Fair exporter

Yiwu Fair

Since 1995, the obligation to hold a small commodity fair every year, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger every year, and the grade is higher than one session. The following is an introduction to some exhibition grand occasions:

Asia’s unique super-large commodity market is strong support, with more than 8,000 resident foreign businessmen, building a low-cost and high-efficiency procurement platform, and opening up a fast channel for enterprises’ foreign trade

15,000 domestic merchants, more than 10 overseas procurement teams, and more than 3,000 overseas merchants participating in procurement

The convergence of logistics and people, and the gathering of brands and elites is the best platform for manufacturers and merchants to communicate and trade

Building a domestic hotel supply the foreign trade-led integrated trading platform

Outdoor advertising: Yiwu local Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an and other regions release relevant outdoor advertising

Mass media: Yiwu Radio, Yiwu Commercial Daily, Zhejiang Zhongxin News, China New Economy, Asia Pacific Investment

Professional media: China Travel News, HC Hotel Supplies Magazine, Chinese and Foreign Hotel Magazine, China Hotel Magazine, China Hotel., China Exhibition

Direct mail, mass mail, fax: 100,000 copies of “Yiwu Hotel Supplies and Equipment Exhibition Report” reporting the latest developments of the exhibition will be mailed to major hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and hotel supplies, equipment manufacturers and distributors from time to time; Professional manufacturers and buyers send out 1 million electronic invitations

Issuing invitation letters: In the one-hour economic circle, we will issue invitation letters to foreign trade companies, hotels, guesthouses, western restaurants, etc

Promotion of professional market, professional exhibition and industry association: carry out in-depth cooperation with the professional market of hotel supplies in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Kunming and other places and related associations, and use the resources of the market association to jointly promote the exhibition, and participate in hotel supplies and equipment exhibitions in various regions to carry out on-site publicity and promotion

Overseas promotion: Do professional magazine advertisements in Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, and promote the work accordingly

Partial exhibition schedule in 2022:

The 15th National Wedding Props, Festive Supplies & Imitation Flowers, Every Chen Props Fair1st-3rd, Mar
The 5th China Yiwu Wedding Photo Studio Late-stage Supplies and Yiwu Spring Frame Painting Fair11th-13th,Mar
The 11th Yiwu Fashion Hair Products and Hair Products Fair8th–10th,May
Zhejiang International E-Commerce Expo & Digital Trade Fair21st-23rd, Jun
Yiwu International Pregnancy and Infant Fair2nd-4th, Sep
China Yiwu Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Fair21st-23rd, Oct


7. How to Reach Yiwu

Yiwu bus picture suppliers

Yiwu bus picture

Yiwu is a county-level city, and there are no international flights to reach Yiwu. So the importer usually arrives:





Then take another journey to Yiwu.

Airplane, coach and train are the three ways to reach Yiwu, which you can buy with your passport. It is worth noting that foreigners who want to buy tickets are recommended to buy tickets from the Tickets Hall ticket office. The ticket machines in the ticket hall do not support booking train tickets. Below is a summary of your route from different cities to Yiwu.


7.1 How to Get from Shanghai to Yiwu?

1)  By Bus

Shanghai is 300 kilometers away from Yiwu. If your international flight arrives in Shanghai, you can choose to take a bus to Yiwu, which is very convenient. It takes about 4.5 hours.

You arrive at the bus station on the second floor of the waiting hall, use your passport to buy a ticket for about 27 US dollars, and arrive at the bus station of Yiwu Wholesale Market


2) By Train

You can also reach Yiwu by train. First, you need to take Metro Line 2 to Hongqiao Railway Station and then buy a high-speed rail ticket to Yiwu.

The train has three tiers of fares, which are 377 yuan ($58) for business class, 201 yuan ($30) for first class, and 123 yuan ($19) for second class.

You don’t need to worry about the trains. The train departs from Shanghai every 5-10 minutes from 6:00 to 20:00 every day, and it only takes 1.5 hours to arrive.


7.2 How to Get from Hangzhou to Yiwu?

1)  By Bus

Hangzhou is 100 kilometers away from Yiwu. If you transfer to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, you can choose to take a bus to Yiwu.

The bus stop is located at Gate 14 of the airport terminal. The bus runs every 40 minutes every day. In the evening, the interval between each bus becomes 1 hour, and the bus stops at 21:30 in the evening. The price is RMB 62 (USD 9.5) and it takes about 1.6 hours to reach the bus station in District 5 of Yiwu Wholesale Market.


2) By Train

If you think the bus waiting time is too long, you can take the train, but you need to take Metro Line 1 to Hangzhou East Station first.

The train to Yiwu runs every 10-15 minutes, and there are more than 60 trains every day from 6:00 to 22:00.

There are three classes of fares: Business Class – CNY 158 ($24), First Class – CNY 84 ($13) and Second Class – CNY 50 ($7.7).


7.3 How to Get from Beijing to Yiwu?

1 )  By High-Speed Train

If you plan to take the high-speed train to Yiwu, first you have to take the subway, bus or taxi from Beijing Airport to the train station. It takes about 6-7 hours to reach Yiwu.

2)  By Air

There are two departures from Beijing International Airport to Yiwu every day, and the time required is about 2 hours


7.4 How to get from Guangzhou to Yiwu?

1)  By Air

If your international flight is to arrive at Guangzhou Airport, then you’d better take another flight to Yiwu, because this way does not require any city transportation. And it takes 2 hours to arrive.


2)  By Train

If you want to take the train from Guangzhou to Yiwu, you need to take Metro 2 to Guangzhou South Railway Station, then take the high-speed train to Yiwu.

There are three tiers of fares: 2,131 yuan ($327) for business class, 1,110 yuan ($170) for first class, and 674 yuan ($103) for second class.


8. How to Ship to Your Country?

Picture about shipment suppliers

Picture about shipment

The developed logistics system and convenient mobile payment make Yiwu stand out. If you place an order in Yiwu, you can choose railway, air transportation and sea transportation.

8.1 Air Transportation

If you budget is enough, or you are in a hurry to get the goods, I suggest you choose air freight, which is one of the most convenient methods. It is the most reliable and safe, although it will cost a little more than other methods.


8.2 Railway

If you are purchasing a large order, I suggest you choose Yixinou Railway, which is the best way for you to purchase from Yiwu wholesale market to the port. If the order is small and you want to save your budget, you can choose express delivery.


8.3 Sea Transportation

In general, if your order is relatively large or heavy, and the requirements for transportation time are not high, it is recommended that you choose sea transportation. Compared with international express delivery, the freight cost of railway transportation will be lower.


9. Conclusion

The guide is coming to an end, have you figured out how to source from the obligatory wholesale market? Do you know how to find suppliers according to your needs? There are many kinds of wholesale markets in Yiwu, I hope you can get help from this guide to buy the right and suitable products, we hope we deliver you an excellent sourcing experience. If you have other questions, welcome to CONTACT US!





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